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We Love Juicing: Three Little Reasons Why

Here at Little Soap Company HQ we’re huge fans of juicing and have been making our own for years now. There’s nothing quite like a fresh, nutritious glass of greens to start your day the right way! With this in mind, today we’re celebrating the fact that we truly love juicing… and here are three little reasons why. There’s
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Could Acupuncture Help You?_LittleSoapCompany.co.uk

Could Acupuncture Help You?

It’s one of the oldest practises of the modern world and yet acupuncture is regularly met with scepticism and disbelief; or just a dislike of needles! But with the pace of modern life today meaning that so many of us are stressed out, exhausted and unhappy; living life at 100 miles an hour and rarely
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Five Little Tips for Mindful Weight loss

There’s a lot in the media right now about mindfulness and what it means to live intentionally. There’s also a lot about weight loss, with the various media outlets sharing tips and advice about trimming down for summer and fitting into that all important bikini. Seems strange the two are rarely linked, seeing as weight
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New Year- To Detox or Not?_LittleSoapCompany.co.uk

New Year- To Detox or Not?

As January is now in full swing, can we have a show of hands please? Who here is currently on a detox? I’m willing to bet that almost half of you have at least given it some thought- am I right? It’s everywhere. Everything you read, every advert on the television, every conversation in the
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