Intro to Natural Perfumery



Intro to Natural Perfumery

A natural perfume product isn’t just your traditional perfume or cologne, it can also be a perfume spritzer, a perfume oil or a solid perfume. In fact, traditional perfumes in ancient Pompeii in Italy were often called unguents. Unguents were popular in ancient Egypt too and are often described as a healing salve, prepared for a particular purpose, such as for wounds. But there is no reason that a natural perfume can’t be made for both healing and scent purpose…

Natural perfume products are growing in popularity. Although the art of natural perfumery is a learned art, you don’t need to be a qualified or experienced perfumer to get started making your own natural products at home. With the use of plant extracts, in addition to essential oils, we’ll teach you to make oils, solid traditional perfumes as well as room spritzers and more with just a few base products and our selection of essential oils

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