A Soap Bar for Every Dad: Men’s Edit

With father’s day fast approaching, the team here at Little Soap are celebrating the amazing father figures we have in our lives. And we realised, in true natural soap style, there’s a bar for every dad out there. Read on to discover why our Eco Warrior Men’s Edit might just make the ideal Father’s Day gift this year!

Why gift soap for fathers day?

Natural bar soap is always going to be appreciated and used, day after day, so it’s easy to see why it’s an ideal gift. But with the Eco Warrior Men’s Edit, it really is more than just soap. Each bar has been made with carefully selected ingredients and with the utmost care when it comes to environmental impact. 

We know that you care about our planet as much as we do and expect a certain standard from us. We won’t ever give you a soap that doesn’t meet our strict criteria, both in terms of practical use and in terms of how it affects our environment. So when you gift soap from us this Father’s Day, you’re doing it with intention, with a conscience, and with love.

A bar soap for every dad

We promised you a bar soap for every dad, so here it is! Every product in our Eco Warrior range is plastic-free, harm-free and beauty-full, and our Men’s Edit is no different. Each bar has been inspired by you, our consumers, demanding a better bar soap. One which has a conscience and which has a function too. 

The Men’s Edit range fulfils our promise to reduce unnecessary plastics, filling the shelves instead with soap with a purpose- and removing the bottles, cans and pump dispensers that we really don’t need in our bathrooms. This Father’s Day, the dad in your life has the chance to join the tribe, and become an Eco Warrior too! 

Men’s Edit All Over bar

A Soap Bar for Every Dad: Men's Edit

The Men’s Edit All Over Bar is great for dads on the go. The fathers who are always going somewhere and doing something. This bar does it all in one- face, body, the works. We fragranced this bar with a gorgeous blend of birch tar, cedarwood and patchouli so it has a really lovely earthy scent. It’s perfect for all skin types too, made with added shea butter so it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soft. 

The All Over bar is a great choice for those dads who like to jump in the shower and jump back out again cleansed and ready for action. Also great for gym bags and eliminates the need for bulky bottles that inevitably leak when you’re on the go.

We recommend this bar for dads who prefer a simple approach to their daily shower routine. The ones who don’t spend too long in the bathroom, opting to ‘get the job done’ quickly and simply- emerging in a puff of great-smelling steam, ready to get on with the day.

Men’s Edit Shampoo Bar

A Soap Bar for Every Dad: Men's Edit

The Men’s Edit Shampoo Bar is perfect for dads who are more than a little proud of their crowning glory. With 93.8% natural ingredients and 100% cruelty free, this is a shampoo bar with a conscience and one that any dad will appreciate. It’s fragranced with birch tar, cedarwood and patchouli- so it has a deep, strong scent- and made with Panthenol, Argan & Coconut Oil to not only cleanse but to moisturise too. 

And of course, it’s totally free from SLS, sulphates, parabens, sorbates and silicones too- so ideal for those dads who appreciate the science behind a good foam, without the nasty chemicals liquid shampoos are rife with.

We recommend this bar for the dads who love their hair, and not to mention the dads who want to do all they can to protect what’s left of it! With our nourishing ingredients and absolutely no harsh chemicals at all, this is definitely one for those dads who want a simple but effective hair wash routine, with just a touch of luxury for good measure. 

Men’s Edit Shaving Bar

A Soap Bar for Every Dad: Men's Edit

For dads who like to maintain a well-groomed appearance, the Men’s Edit Shaving Bar is a must! We made this one with a brand-new formulation, again creating a luxurious foam without any need for SLS. This one has Coconut Oil and Flax Oil for superior soothing, and it provides lasting hydration pre and post-shave too. Also fragranced with birch tar, cedarwood and patchouli essential oils, the shaving bar has added Vitamin E to protect the skin.

Whether your dad sports a full beard, a barely-there goatee or an always cleanly-shaved visage, we just know this shaving bar will fast become a staple in his bathroom routine. Great for dads who want a no-nonsense shave that doesn’t compromise on comfort or our planet.

We recommend this one for the dads who have turned beard grooming into fine art. The dads who rock a clean-shaven look. Hey, even the dads who like a bare chest. With nourishing and protecting ingredients, this bar will take care of the entire body, top to toe if that’s dad’s thing.

Save on Eco Warrior Men’s Edit for Father’s Day

To celebrate Father’s Day this year, we’re offering 10% off all bar soaps in our Men’s Edit with code DAD10. This offer is valid until the 18th of June, so grab your gifts now and make dad’s day!