A sustainable toilet – who gives a s***? We do!

Did you know that it takes almost 40 gallons of water to manufacture a single roll of commercially available toilet roll? According to Brondell, most people go through at least 1-2 rolls a week, therefore a family of four could use as many as 32 rolls a month! We’re essentially flushing tens of thousands of trees down the toilet every single day, without even a second thought. With the move towards more sustainable practices in other parts of our lifestyle, it’s time to start reducing waste when we… waste.

Sustainable Toilet Roll

Most supermarket toilet rolls are single layered and of a low ply count, meaning you need more for an effective wipe. Measuring and selling toilet paper by the roll (rather than by the sheet) means commercial brands can sell less toilet roll for a higher price – giving you the impression of a great deal for 12 rolls when in reality, it’s not so much.

Who Gives A Crap have various TP options, all 3 ply thickness and 100% biodegradable – making for a super soft and sustainable wipe. All their rolls are plastic free and made from recycled office paper – giving a new meaning to the phrase ‘work from home’. They also offer an optional subscription service, with their double length rolls lasting four months for a two person household.

Bamboo toilet roll is another great option, with brands such as Naked Sprout producing an affordable, organic and zero waste solution for the damage regular toilet roll has inflicted on the environment. Produced in the UK and made from 100% virgin sustainable bamboo with no chemicals, bleach or plastics, this incredible brand also partners with ‘Just a Drop’ to provide safe water at schools in Kenya.

Bamboo Toilet Brushes

Available from eBay, Amazon and just a quick Google search away, bamboo toilet brushes are the ideal replacement for the plastic heavy essential every bathroom needs.

One of our favourites is this Beechwood Toilet Brush from Bower Collective, which bristles are made from a mixture of Tampico (from the agave cactus) and Palmyra (from the base of the leaf stalks of the India palm tree). The brush is totally plastic free and you can customise with different brush holders on their website.