Adapt Your Dog’s Grooming Routine for Summer

Adapting Your Dog's Grooming Routine for it seems the UK is enjoying something of a mini heatwave (we can’t quite bring ourselves to jinx it enough to call it summer!) and like everyone, we’ve been loving spending more time outdoors. Long dog walks are one of our favourite things to do anyway, but when the sun is shining and the birds are singing it becomes something else altogether! But with the warmer weather comes a change in responsibility for dog owners- so this week we’re looking at ways to adapt your dog’s grooming routine for summer. Do let us know your top tips in the comments too.


All those long dog walks do wonders for your peace of mind, for strengthening your bond with your dog, and for the waistline too. Your dog will undoubtedly benefit from the exercise, but don’t forget those paws! Sometimes hot ground (plus covering some extra miles) can mean your dog’s sensitive paw pads will need some extra TLC, but there are steps you can take to avoid it becoming painful.

Plan your dog walks for earlier in the morning before the heat rises too much, and you might want to do a little research on paw wax too. This can really help to protect your dog’s paws, and don’t forget to regularly clean them after walks too. Cool damp cloths can help to reduce swelling from the heat- perhaps you can enjoy a relaxing foot soak together!


Those pesky fleas and ticks just love summer, so you really need to be extra vigilant while the weather is warm. Always check your dog after long walks, especially if you’ve been in wooded or grassy areas. Check around the head and ears, and remove any ticks straight away. You can spot the signs of fleas quite easily, but some dogs may not scratch at all so you really do need to check, check, and check again! Flea combs are a great investment and can be used alongside our Little Beast range, which contains ground coffee granules- a known natural protectant against fleas and ticks. The Little Beast range can also be used together with your flea and tick treatments.

Bath time

Don’t be tempted to bathe your dog more than you usually would- stick to your usual routine to avoid irritating the skin. Use natural Adapting Your Dog's Grooming Routine for at bath time, such as our Organic Little Beast Liquid Pet Shampoo, which can be used all over your dog’s coat. This beautiful shampoo can also be used to rinse muddy paws in between tub splashing.


It’s so important to take good care of your dog’s ears, and especially during the warmer months as your dog may well be taking a few swims to cool down. Humidity and heat can also mean that your dog’s ears are susceptible to bacteria so it’s vital that you’re aware of how to prevent ear infections. Always clean your dog’s ears (weekly is recommended) and gently wipe them with cotton wool after swimming.


Always, always make sure that your dog has regular and unlimited access to water. If you’re out and about stick to places where you know your dog will have access to water- if in doubt, bring your own bowl and a bottle so that you can ensure dehydration does not occur.

Stay cool

It goes without saying that you should never leave a dog in a hot car, and it’s also essential that you help your dog to stay as cool as possible while it’s hot. Seek shade wherever you go, and if you need to you can place cold, wet towels on the floor to lie on. Iced dog treats are a great idea (we love these recipes!) and even a paddling pool if you’re feeling energetic!