All About our Unperfumed Range

All about our un-perfumed of our most popular ranges here at Little Soap has always been our un-perfumed selection of soaps and liquid hand wash. We know only too well that many of you find us through your quest to use all natural products on your skin, and that some of you started that quest because your skin was reacting badly to other products you’d tried. Skin sensitivities don’t mix well with the usual cosmetics on the market, mostly because they’re artificially fragranced- and that can play havoc on your skin. This week we’re all about our un-perfumed range so you can find out exactly whats in it, and why it might be just the change you were looking for in your skin care regime.

Our Range

Here at Little Soap we know how powerful scents can be. A particular note can spark a feeling, or a memory. We’re instantly taken back to certain time and certain emotions when we smell a particular scent, and often our emotional wellbeing can be affected simply by being around a fragrance that sparks a memory. The problem comes when artificial fragrances are used in your cosmetics. Synthetic fragrance oils are quite, quite different to the pure essential oils we use in all of our products. They’re usually petrochemically derived, and with many undesirable, unhealthy toxins.

Everything we sell use pure essential oils that create natural fragrances with all the aromatherapeutic benefits of the plants they come from. We have several signature scents, including our much-loved English lavender reminding us of our Cotswold heritage. In the summer, beautiful purple All about our un-perfumed bask in the sun releasing their heady perfume. Our rose geranium is another firm favourite. The sweet, clean scent is redolent of petals and has been a top seller since our early days.

All of that being said, our un-perfumed range is always a best seller for those with very sensitive skin. Here’s some highlights from the range:

Natural Soap for Sensitive Skin- with nourishing avocado oil

Originally commissioned or Waitrose to add more choice for customers wanting natural, un-perfumed soaps, this one always sells well. This one is 100% free from all the same nasties as the rest of our range- a natural hand, face & body soap for all skin types including very sensitive skin thanks to it being totally un-perfumed with added nourishing Avocado Oil. Its a pure natural soap made with the finest natural ingredients and totally free from detergents, SLS, sulphates, alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicones synthetic preservatives.

Natural Olive Oil Bar Soap

All about our un-perfumed’re so proud that this soap was shortlisted in the 2018 Free From Skin Care Awards! Its our palm free bar (though please do read our policy on palm oil – having extensively researched the topic and working closely with the Sumatran Orangutan Society we believe supporting the (very few) sustainable palm producers is very important in winning the fight for habitat hence why we do use sustainable palm oil in our other bars), big sister to the Avocado natural soap, commissioned by Waitrose to give a better choice of our natural and organic bars.

A Natural hand, face & body soap for all skin types including very sensitive skin as it is totally un-perfumed, but jam packed with nourishing Olive Oil. What your Granny would call a “Castille Soap” as over 64% of the ingredients is pure, olive oil but with added rape seed and coconut oil so it lathers and preforms as you would expect (eg its not rock solid and tacky as pure olive bars tend to be!) Perfect for bath, shower or sink.

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