B-Corp Spotlight: Teamwork at Little Soap

Following on from last week’s post on the #BehindtheB campaign, we wanted to talk a little more about what really makes Little Soap tick. Teamwork. Without this amazing team, we would not have achieved as much as we have to date. We may only be a small team, but we’re a force to be reckoned with! With this in mind, as part of B-Corp Month, we thought we’d share some of our top tips for fostering growth in a small team. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Our team is amazing!

As a B-Corp brand, we know that our team are what makes us special. Everyone who works with us here at Little Soap keeps us going, makes us a success and inspires us to keep going, keep doing more, keep striving to be better. We’re committed to investing in the well-being of our team. We’re committed to training and development. We’re committed to taking care of our workers, because they take care of our business.

Little Soap has grown so much over the years, and having such a small team has really been key to this. Here are just three reasons why teamwork at Little Soap works- and three things you can do too, to foster growth in your own small team.

We celebrate our strengths

Everyone on the team here at Little Soap brings something diffetnet to the table. We each have specific skills and talents that help to create a well-rounded and highly skilled team- and that makes us special. We celebrate these strengths, we share our skills and knowledge and we encourage each other to take on new challenges, think in different ways and respond to challenges with different perspectives. This helps us to stay focused on our end goal, with creativity and endless passion!

We’re committed to our journey

We know that, as a B-Corp, its important to understand that this is a journey. We’re on a continual mission to improve and to illicit change in a demanding world. We are always learning new and better ways to do things, and we’re committed to this. We know that we’re not going to know it all overnight and we know that this journey is going to have some bumps. This truly makes us stronger, and helps us to grow. By being open to growth, we’re open to change.

We’re collaborative

Being a B-Corp brand means investing in community, and that has been so important to us as a business. When Little Soap first started, there were no bar soaps on the supermarket shelves, no real market for what we were doing. For a while, we stood alone with our beliefs… but we stood strong. As a small team, we quickly saw the benefit in collaborating with likeminded brads and individuals who could bring us new insight into what we were doing. This is essential because it means that we work collaboratively rather than competitively- each with the same end goal in mind.