B Corporation: Creating A Better Business

“People want to work for, buy from, and invest in businesses they believe in.” B Corporation

It is growing more and more apparent by the day, that the environmental and societal crises we encounter are regrettably not going to be countered by governments and non-profits alone. Now is the time for businesses, small, large and everything in between to really make a difference and become those ‘Better Businesses’. 

The past year has been indescribably tough for us all, but it has certainly given us time to reflect on what is really important. We as a team at Little Soap Company have not physically met each other in a year and we’ve even had a couple of new members join the team whilst we have been working from home! Despite all the turbulence that this year has brought us, it has been one that has brought our team much closer together. But how?

Here at Little Soap Company, we believe things always work better when we work together. So, we put as much energy into building good relationships with each other, our suppliers, and the local community, as we do our bars and our customers. We love what we do and we have fun doing it.

Staying connected whilst working remotely has included everything from a weekly meeting to a drop in for a ‘remote’ cuppa on Thursdays. We also have a team WhatsApp group where anything goes…we’re suckers for baking photos or pet memes! Plus, when restrictions allow, we also have a fortnightly team walk over the wonderful Broadway hills – the fresh air is perfect to get our creative juices going! Although it is not the same as chatting over by the kettle in the Broadway office, it definitely has helped us upkeep the Little Soap Company spirit! 

B Corp

What has been important a year into this style of working, is remembering that we’re all human. Even though we are filtered through a digital screen there will be up and down days for us all, but just reminding each other that it’s ok to express your emotions; it’s ok to take a break; it’s ok to ask for help, and that on the other end of the email or phone is a colleague who would love to chat, does make the whole world outside seem a lot more manageable for us all.

It’s often easy to forget to give yourself the same care and attention that you give to others, and this couldn’t be truer than in the world we live in now. So don’t forget to take a minute for yourself. In February, we shared some helpful tips and tricks that we practice here at Little Soap Company to help us all get through these tough times. You can find them here.