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Three Little Tips for Choosing a Wood burning Stove

The sun may be shining right now, but here in the UK we are still in the depths of winter and we know only too well how cold February, March and even April can be! Nights spent snuggling by the wood burning stove are still very firmly on the agenda here at Little Soap HQ,
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Women and Home shoot, in my home…!

Had two fabulous photographers over this afternoon and evening taking snaps amid much banter and laughter for the August 2011 edition of “Woman and Home” magazine. Indira Flack and Paul Lund had me staging shots of making, cutting, packaging, delivering, leaning against the Aga, sitting on the railings outside the cottage, walking with tray of soap
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Aga photoshoot

[slideshow] Today a couple of peop’s came over to the cottage to take some soap making snaps of me and the Aga… they are doing features on younger (!) women and how they use their beloved Agas…….. it was a hot shoot to say the very least but immense fun….!

Betty Twyford

Busy packaging up our bespoke “Betty Twyford”, “George Twyford” and “Bertie Buster Dog Bar” branded soaps to post over to Aga…..  thrilled with how they have come out…. and great to be a part of a fabulous brand too…. they’ll hit their shelves in the next week or so!

The Big Chill = Soap Makers Dream!

As the country grinds to a halt with temperatures of -5degrees and below I am a jolly happy soap maker as the temperatures make my life so much easier – popping the stock pots outside to cool faster! Perfect! However, the workshop was too cold even for hardy little me so I dragged everything into
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Making up bespoke orders…

Busy day in the workshop today making up bespoke batches for the fabulous Betty Twyford range…  below are a couple of batches of the “Betty Twyford Bar” which contains Lavender and Orange with a lady like Little pink oxide swirl to finish it off – George’s Bar is a more manly green (French Green Clay)
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