How to Read Labels on Cosmetic
Raw Diet For Your Dog- What's the Benefit?
Your Guide to the Perfect Hair Guide to the Perfect Hair
Sugar Detox:Q&A with Sarah

Sugar Detox Q&A with Sarah Somian

This week we’re super excited to change things up a little and bring you our very first Q&A post with the amazing Sarah Somian, who works as a holistic nutritionist and runs the blog, Deliciously Vibrant. If you’re looking for new, delicious and nutritious recipes to kick start your 2019, then look no further- you
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How You can Become Plastic Free in 2019

No doubt you’ve seen the recent news that bar soaps are once more increasing in popularity as the nation invests more into the importance of banishing plastic in the home. We here at Little Soap HQ embrace this news! We’ve always championed the humble bar of soap, and we know better than most that when
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Three Little Reason to Give the Gift of Soap this

Give the Gift of Soap this Christmas

When Little Soap Company first started many years ago, we had one main intention: to make natural soap accessible to all. Since then, we’ve achieved amazing success, but we know we still have work to do! Thankfully, these days many of us are all too aware of how important it is to take steps to
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Your Little Guide to Winter
Three Little Foods Kids Should Eat
Five Cruelty Free Blogs to Follow

Five Cruelty Free Blogs to Follow

We’re passionately proud of our Cruelty Free status here at Little Soap Company, and we hope that you are too. As valued customers and readers of this blog, we’re so glad that you follow our ethics and support us in our endeavours! This week we’re sharing some of our favourite resources when it comes to
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Secrets to a Happy and Calm Baby Bedtime

Ask any parent and they will undoubtedly tell you that life with a baby is hard work. Luckily, the media and society as a whole will prepare us for sleepless nights and unending nappy changes… but are we ever really prepared? So many new mums tell us that they had been lulled into believing they
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Thee Little Tips for Eating Out

Three Little Tips for Eating Out Vegan

We’re huge advocates for adopting a vegan lifestyle here at Little Soap HQ, but we also know that there are often hurdles that face us when we eat out. Honestly, there is no need to resign yourself to home cooked food forever (although there is nothing wrong with eating home cooked food- it’s often the
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