Organic September: why Organic is Important to Little

Organic September – Why Organic is Important for Little Soap

This week we’re continuing on with our Organic September theme, in support of the Soil Association’s campaign. We’re passionate about spreading the word about the importance of careful consideration when it comes to shopping, and we want more people to change their habits for good. So, without further ado- here are our latest musings on
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Organic September: Three Little Reasons to Choose Organic For Your Family
Three Little Reasons to Love Our Eco Warriors

Three Little Reasons to Love Our Eco Warrior Minis

Hands up who loves our brand new Eco Warrior Minis range? If you already know how amazing the Eco Warrior range is, then no doubt you’ll be just as excited as us about the diminutive versions we’ve recently launched. Your favourite soaps in a more portable package – how can you resist? Allow us to
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How Little Soap Works Towards

How Little Soap Works towards Sustainability

At the start of #PlasticFreeJuly, I talked to you about how we’re doing our bit to alleviate the single use plastic crisis. This week, I wanted to talk to you about how Little Soap works towards sustainability overall in the business. Provenance of Our Ingredients This is a top one for me. I’ve always, always been
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Three Reasons why Bar Soap is the Greenest Choice right

Three Reasons Why Bar Soap is The Greenest Choice Right Now

It has to be said that since the world went into lockdown, there has been a marked reduction in carbon emissions throughout the globe. We are travelling less, we are burning less fuel. Our planet is breathing a small sigh of relief. But with this plus comes a negative too, with the increased use of
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