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Three Little Tips for Easy Baby Skincare at Bathtime

Here at Little Soap HQ we’re always super careful about the products that we use on our skin, and we encourage our customers to follow the same precautions too. Whatever goes on to your skin is absorbed by the body- so any nasty chemicals or additives that manufacturers add to their products are making their
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How You can Become Plastic Free in 2019

No doubt you’ve seen the recent news that bar soaps are once more increasing in popularity as the nation invests more into the importance of banishing plastic in the home. We here at Little Soap HQ embrace this news! We’ve always championed the humble bar of soap, and we know better than most that when
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Three Little Tips for Greenifying your Baby Care Routine

If you follow us on social you’ll know that we’ve recently celebrated another award win- this time in the very prestigious Green Parent Beauty awards! Our beloved Rose Geranium Bubble Bath has been awarded GOLD and the classic Lavender Bubble Bath has been crowned Best Buy! We’re over the moon, and so thankful that so
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