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Why You Can (and Should) Use Natural Soap on Your Face_LittleSoapCompany.co.uk

Why You Can (and Should) Use Natural Soap on Your Face

Here at Little Soap HQ we firmly believe that natural, organic soap should be accessible to everyone. We’re passionate about making the finest soaps using only natural ingredients because we know that what you put on your skin is so important. Whatever you put onto your body goes into your body… so why wouldn’t you
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Basics of green beauty_LittleSoapCompany.co.uk

The Basics of Green Beauty

We often talk about ‘green living’ and ‘green cleaning’ and because these are topics we feel so strongly about, we’re happy to talk about them literally all day! And while they’re common terms, their concepts are not always full understood. The same stands for green beauty. We’ve written about it before, but what does it
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Five things you need to know about animal testing

Ask anyone with a sound mind, and they will tell you that the idea of torturing animals is absolutely abhorrent. And yet, without lifting a finger, many of us contribute towards this despicable act every single day. Often without realising. How can this be? Unfortunately there are still many manufacturers that routinely test their products
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