Basics of green

The Basics of Green Beauty

We often talk about ‘green living’ and ‘green cleaning’ and because these are topics we feel so strongly about, we’re happy to talk about them literally all day! And while they’re common terms, their concepts are not always full understood. The same stands for green beauty. We’ve written about it before, but what does it
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Traveller 5in1 Bespoke A-Cards

New A-Cards which will go into hotels and B&Bs who just use our Little Traveller 5in1 bars…. only we all know they go far beyond their marketed 5 uses being proven to get stains out of clothes, washing smalls, being a lubricant for cyclists who have trouble changing their inner tubes or whatever they do….
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We’re in the Guild!

Yayyyy! Little has been accepted into the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers. They raise awareness of the legislative standards that are in place that apply to craft soap and toiletry products and only include crafters who work in compliance with this legislation and who hold relevant public liability insurance… as Little, naturally, does
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Unveiling… The Little Logo Design

Not that different to the current Naked Soap one….  but as we state, all that is going to change is the name. Aside that, everything else will be identical… just sadly it entails all new boxes, labels, barcodes, website domains, web SEOs, directory listings, leaflets, stationary, banners, points of sale and so forth. BUT it’s
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