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Going Vegan to Fight Climate Change

Here at Little Soap HQ we’ve always advocated for a vegan lifestyle, because we truly believe that it is the most healthy, sustainable way to eat. But there is actually so much more to this way of life, and with the issues that are facing us today there are so many reasons why more and
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Press Release: ECO WARRIOR

Eco Warrior [noun] 1. A person actively involved in preventing damage to the environment. 2. A person who consciously uses products that contribute to green living and helps conserve resources like water, plastic and energy. Fuelled by the awakening consumer conscience, this brand-new range of plastic free, job specific, unisex bar soaps each have their
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Q&A On Sustainable Palm Oil

It’s International Orangutan Day on the 19th August.  We are extremely passionate about the palm oil debate, so we asked our close allies at the Sumatran Orangutan Society if they would answer some questions for us on this highly charged debate. Lucy Radford from the Society had this to share with us:   As you
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Three Little Dishes to Make your Vegan Barbecue Sizzle

Ok, so at the time of writing the sun has currently gone awol in the UK, but we’re assured that it’s due a return for the weekend- which gives you plenty of time to read this post and get ready for the most delicious barbecue ever! Alfresco dining is synonymous with summer and for a
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