Three Little Valentine's Gift Ideas That Don't Cost a

Choosing Homemade Artisan Gifts this Christmas

Choosing Home Made Artisan Gifts this at Little Soap, we love sending (and let’s be honest, receiving too!) gifts at this time of year! But not just any gifts! We’re advocates for spending just that little bit of extra time to really think about our recipient, our gift and our reasons for giving. Mindful gift-giving is even more important this year, in light of all that we’ve been through- don’t you think? With this in mind, this week we’re championing home-made artisan gifts. What better way to express your feelings for a loved one than to spend some time creating something you know they’ll love? Or to buy from a creator that has poured a little passion and magic into the work they produce? We urge you all to consider buying or creating home-made artisan gifts this year- and this is why…

Why buy home-made artisan gifts?

When you buy home-made, you support a small business. And as a small business ourselves, we cannot tell you how vital this is. 2020 has been a stressful year for so many small brands- and let’s face it, bigger brands too- and with more uncertainty to come, shopping local and home-made is one way that you can help to sustain these businesses through difficult times. That saying how small business owners do a small dance each time someone places an order? All true!

Support small businesses this Christmas and shop with them. Share their wares on social media, tell your friends about them, champion them. We need your support and you all have the platforms to show it.

Why gift home-made artisan products?

So we’ve covered why you should shop small and home-made, but why should you choose to gift these products this Christmas? We’ve already talked about the warm feelings you should get when you spend time thinking about and/ or creating a home-made gift- but why is it so important to us?Choosing Home Made Artisan Gifts this

Giving a gift is an act of love. You’re showing someone that you’re thinking of them and that you want to make them feel that love. You want them to smile. You want them to know that they’re special to you. Choosing a mass-produced product to gift certainly has it’s place- we’re not denying the power of the latest gadget and the depths of desire that shelf-bought gifts bring. And we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with opting for gifts that aren’t home-made. We just feel we need to spread the joy a little further when it comes to unwrapping a gift that has been made with love.

Three home-made artisan gifts to consider buying 

So you know who on your list will appreciate a home-made artisan gift the most, and you know you want to spend some extra time buying them something that will really make them smile. Now to choose that gift! Here are three simple ideas that you can search for right now:

  • Soap. Of course! Our beautiful Original Artisan range is always so popular at this time of the year, with it’s collection of handmade soaps that are simply made for gifting. Choose from award winning English Lavender, Rose Geranium, or our amazing 7 in 1 bar soap ideal for a truly minimal lifestyle. We also offer an Organic Soap Starter Kit if you’re feeling inspired to create a bar soap yourself- or you can gift the kit so your recipient can create their own!
  • Food. Is there anything better than a Sunday afternoon in the kitchen creating a cake that has truly been baked with love? If you’re not much of a chef yourself, check out local bakeries or confectioners that can create made-to-order gifts instead. 
  • Experience days- in particular, experiences that enable your recipient to learn a new skill that will in turn lead to home-made artisan creations to enjoy for years to come! Skill sharing is a wonderful gift to both give and receive, and there are so many ways you can do this. Our favourite? Little Soap School– naturally. 

Hopefully this has inspired you a little? This year, support small businesses, support your future. Buy or create home-made artisan gifts and re-discover the true joy of giving.