Christmas Countdown- All Natural Party Ready Makeup

We’re on the Christmas Countdown! With just a few days to go, no doubt your engagement diary is looking pretty full right about now. All these parties can take a toll on your body though, at a time of year where our immune system is having to work extra hard as it is to fend of bugs and germs. So what becomes of our skin? It’s the body’s largest organ and yet so many of us just don’t realise how important it is to take good care of it. And when it comes to party season, we plough on the makeup- we all want to glam up now and then after all! Give your skin an extra present this year, and get party ready with all natural makeup. We promise you won’t regret it!

Christmas Countdown- All Natural Party Ready MakeupSwapping your makeup bag to all natural 

We’ve written before about creating an all natural makeup bag, and we shared our top tips for getting started  and easy swaps you can make to the products you use the most. Some of you may already be in the swing of it all- and if that’s you, then bravo! If you haven’t take the plunge yet, take a read of the posts and see what you think.

Party ready

Time is limited during the festive season, with many of us rushing from one do to another, often with little notice or straight from work. The overruling factor here is that many of us don’t have much time to get ready for the party! With this in mind, your preparations must start early. By taking good care of your skin day and night, you are ensuring you have a good base for a party ready face! We recommend using only organic products on your skin, and to check the ingredients label as closely as you can when you try something new. You can use our bar soaps on your face- the Natural Unperfumed soap bar with Avocado Oil is perfect for this- and you know you can trust the ingredients in this one!

Natural makeup tips for Christmas parties

So, on to the makeup! Christmas parties are a wonderful chance to get dressed up and and have some fun- and why not? You work hard all year, you deserve to celebrate with friends and colleagues! We’ve researched this season’s must have makeup looks for the party season, and put a little twist on them for you. Here are your top three natural makeup tips for Christmas parties:

  • Choose classic beauty with a simple winged eye liner and a matt red lip.
  • Go for a dramatic smokey eye that will eliminate the need to touch up your lipstick later on.
  • Add some glitter!

So how to create the makeup that will complete the look? Simple. For the eyeliner, use activated charcoal and apply using a thin brush. For the matt red lipstick, follow the instructions for homemade beet lipstick in this post. And now for the glitter! Because no Christmas party is complete without a little sparkle, right? Body glitters are filled with chemicals and ingredients that we have no hope of ever pronouncing- making them a no no if you want to truly live an all natural life. So we make our own! All you need is Aloe Vera gel and Mica powder. You can buy both online. To make the glitter gel, all you need to do is mix the two ingredients together. Take care not to breathe in the mica powder as it’s very fine. That’s it!

You’re party ready. And you look AMAZING.