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Citrus Soaps for Refreshing Summer Skin

Hands up who else just loves long, lazy summer days? The combination longer days, warmer weather and balmy evenings can be quite intoxicating! And while we never quite reach the tropical temperatures of other climates, we still need to adapt our skin care routines if we want to keep everything in tip-top condition. We’ve already written about how you can build a sustainable summer skin-care routine, so this week we’re looking at how we can use citrus soaps for refreshing summer skin.

Citrus Soaps for Refreshing Summer Skin_LittleSoapCompany.co.uk

Why you need citrus in your skincare routine

Our citrus soap has always been a best seller here at Little Soap, and its easy to see why when you look at the benefits when to comes to skincare. But what exactly is it that makes citrus soap so great for summer skincare? Allow us to explain…

  • Citrus essential oils smell AMAZING- as evidenced in our super popular Citrus Soap range. Nothing wakes you up quite like the zingy and invigorating aroma of our trusted Lemon Zest bar!
  • Citrus oils are natural antioxidants that work to fight harmful free radicals- making them powerful and effective additions to your summer skin care regime.
  • Citrus oils are anti-inflammatory, so they’re great for soothing your skin during the summer.
  • Citrus can be used to treat a range of skin conditions, including acid, thanks to its ability to fight bacteria. Our Sweet Orange bar is just perfect for gentle facial cleansing on ‘problem’ skin because it contains sweet orange with a hint of grapefruit, may chang, spearmint & lemon- all fantastic essential oils.
Citrus Soaps for Refreshing Summer Skin_LittleSoapCompany.co.uk

Why is citrus soap important for your summer skin care routine?

During the warmer summer months, our skin’s needs change- and we need to keep up with that! Citrus soap is always our go-to when we want to refresh and revive our routine a little, filling our senses with the most wonderful uplifting fragrance, whilst cleansing and caring at the same time. What more could we ask for?! Here are three reasons why citrus soap is important for your summer skin care routine:

  1. The essential oils found in citrus soap can help to fight sun damage. During the summer months, our skin can take a beating with sun spots and even sunburn- despite all of our best intentions when it comes to wearing sunscreen. The natural antioxidants found in citrus essential oils can help to combat this, making it the ideal addition to your summer skin care routine. Use our Lemon Zest bar or our Organic Citrus and Lavender soap bar to gently yet effectively refresh, tone, cleanse and purify your skin.
  2. Citrus soap can invigorate tired, dehydrated skin during the summer months. Some skin types have a tendency to dry out when the weather is warmer, so opting for grapefruit soap or orange soap- or even better our super popular Organic Grapefruit and Orange soap bar– is a great idea if you’re looking to tackle this. Together, this combination also helps to protect the skin from UV damage and the signs of ageing too.
  3. Citrus soap can help to refresh and revive summer skin- especially if it has the tendency to become greasy or dull due to warmer temperatures. Sometimes our pores can become blocked too, with prolonged used of heavier sun creams, mixed with the fact that we tend to sweat more during summer too. It’s important to keep summer skin care products as light as possible, and to choose ingredients that are going to cleanse effectively too. Citrus soap is amazing for this- essential oils such as lemon, orange and grapefruit are great at gently cleansing and reviving skin when it needs it most. Our Eco Warrior Exfoliating bar is our must-have for reviving summer skin- thanks to the citrus essential oils blended with oatmeal.