Eco Bathroom. Join the revolution from the smallest room in your home.

The bathroom.

The place where we launch into our day, refreshed, and beautified, and then ease ourselves out of it, calmed and cleansed.

A small room, often packed to the rafters with bottles and potions.

An important room, but often a very environmentally unfriendly one.

Did you know only 50% of bathroom waste gets recycled, compared to 90% of waste in the kitchen?

What about in your home, how much of your bathroom waste gets recycled?

Are you;

  1. The very definition of eco-perfection, setting a great example as you recycle your plastic-free range of eco-purchases?
  2. Realistically haven’t given the whole thing much thought, buy eco when you think of it, would like to learn and do more?
  3. Maybe…. probably… just chuck out the bathroom waste in the standard waste and must admit you don’t pay much attention to the eco-credentials of bathroom products at all?

If you’re 2 or 3, you are probably in the majority.

But that’s okay, because we are here to help!

When we started thinking about the bathroom, talking to people, and exploring our own habits and behaviours, we realised something.

We all find recycling the waste in our bathrooms a bit of a challenge thanks to the unpleasantness of separating out plug hole hair, sanitary products, and old toothpaste tubes.

But, if such a small room is creating unnecessary environmentally damaging waste, just think of the positive change we could make by highlighting the issue and helping people find solutions and make small-eco changes.

And if we can set the right standards and examples of sustainable behaviour for the smallest room in the house, just imagine what can be achieved across the whole home.

We have to start somewhere.

Which is where Eco Bathroom comes in.

The bigger picture

Globally, 380 million tons of plastic is produced every year. (Source: Plastic Oceans).

91% of this plastic is not recycled. (Source: National Geographic).

This includes 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles thrown out globally each year. (Source: Ethique)

The impact of plastic waste on marine life is devastating, with around 1 million animals dying every year.

Clearly things must change, and we all need to play our part. If you’re as passionate as we are and ready to take a stand, then join the revolution and let us help you make better choices.

Showering you with ideas, information, and inspiration

We all lead busy lives. And finding the time to do the research needed to make more natural, earth-friendly, cruelty-free choices is time-consuming. It’s so much easier to stick with what we know.

So our plan is to make change easier for everyone.

Easier for eco-warriors and environmental experts to make their case and educate on the impact of behaviours and products on our planet.

Easier for eco-friendly brands to showcase their revolutionary products and promote the benefits.

Easier for consumers to find information, buy eco-friendly products, and engage in the conversation.

Eco Bathroom is a community of challenger brands, a hub, an online platform, awash with content, resources, ideas, inspiration, and product information. We explore every part of the bathroom and health and beauty routine, showing the simple swaps, tricks and changes that will create a more sustainable, earth-friendly you!

It’s also a community of like-minded people who care about the planet and enjoy sharing and celebrating practical ways to be more environmentally friendly and aware around the home.

It’s a free resource and a place where brands like us can interact, talk about the issues, and work towards a better future, together.

Buy, learn, share, and enjoy.

We have ambitious plans for Eco Bathroom. It’s open, free, and accessible for brands and people wanting to join this important conversation. We want to expand it to as many people and brands as possible. We want to see all bathrooms become eco-bathrooms, with recycling bathroom waste and embracing more earth-friendly products being the norm.

Doing this means taking people on a journey of education and enlightenment. We need to change attitudes and open minds. We need to bust myths and address concerns.

And we want this journey to be enjoyable and engaging. It will benefit us all, so let’s all get involved.

Visit Eco Bathroom, follow us on Social Media, tell us your ideas, feedback, experiences and thoughts.

And then let’s make it happen together!