Switching to our Eco Warrior Soap Bar

Eco Warrior Beauty Edit: a bar for all

Eco Warrior Beauty Edit: A Bar for all_LittleSoapCompany.co.ukThe Eco Warrior range was created with one sole aim- to eliminate plastic use in the bathroom. We think we’re doing pretty well with that, and it seems that you guys love the collection just as much as we do. Did you know that in the first shelf fill alone, we eradicated 175,000 unnecessary face wash tubes, shampoo bottles, exfoliating scrub pots, shaving foam tins, shower gel and liquid hand soap plastic bottles from sinks, bathrooms and washbags up and down the country?! Now that’s a number we’re happy to hear! This week we’re looking at the Eco Warrior range as a whole, and we’re matching a bar to every need- so that you can see it really is the only soap you need in your bathroom right now. Welcome to the Eco Warrior Beauty Edit: a bar for all.

Chill Out Bar

A nourishing hand and body bar made with added Shea Butter with such a creamy and rich lather that leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and squeaky clean every single time. This is the perfect ‘chill-out’ companion for wind down washing at the end of a busy day, and it’s a top seller too. Fragranced with our own unique blend of relaxing essential oils, this one is for you if you just need a little extra time to calm and soothe at the end of the day.

Browse the Chill Out Bar here.

Sensitive Face & Body Cleansing Bar

Our Sensitive Face & Body Cleansing Bar is so gentle, it can be used on even the most delicate of skin. Its made using a traditional recipe; a Castille Bar made predominately with Olive Oil and has green clay ton make it super nourishing as it cleanses. This one is fragranced with our unique blend of uplifting pure essential oils for a refreshing start to any day! Perfect if your skin needs a little extra TLC from time to time.

Clarifying Charcoal Bar

A real crowd pleaser! Our Clarifying Charcoal Bar is one that we tend to get really excited about here at Little Soap! It’s made using charcoal, grapeseed oil and a special blend of anti-bacterial tea tree essential oil. These ingredients have been specially chosen for their superpowers- they help the skin to gently soothe and heal from irritation and they work to reduce excess oil too. Together, the ingredients are known to be a superb natural alternative treatment for acne, so its a great bar for our teenage customers and those with ‘problem’ skin.

Shampoo Bar

See, we told you we were eliminating plastic- no need for bottles any more! Our shampoo bar is a revolutionary new solid formulation that was chosen to condition, cleanse and moisturise your hair whilst creating a great lather without the need for SLS. genius!

Sensitive Facial Bar

Another great gentle cleansing bar for delicate skin in need of attention. The Sensitive Facial Bar is made with our traditional Mediterranean Castile Olive Oil recipe and fragranced with a blend of Chamomile & Calendula essential oils- so its an ultra-nourishing bar soap that can also be super effective at calming skin irritations… a fabulous family all-rounder, if we say so ourselves!

Exfoliating Bar

What can we say? Our super popular Exfoliating Bar is fragranced with Citrus Essential Oils and blended with oatmeal, which is known as a superfood for the skin! With its natural exfoliant properties, oatmeal works to relieve skin irritation and itching and it makes this bar a fantastic all-over exfoliator. This one is perfect for pre/ post tan. Super soft skin, here we come!

Moisturising Hand & Body Bar

What a beautiful bar! Our Eco Warrior Moisturising Hand & Body Bar is wonderfully fragranced with a gorgeous coconut blend made from pure essential oils including vanilla, making it great for all skin types. This bar creates a really creamy rich later that leaves the skin feeling supple, soft and beautifully cleansed! This is a real all-rounder- ideal for the sink bath or shower.

Shaving Bar

Another really exciting addition to the Eco Warrior range! The Shaving Bar is created from a brand new formation containing coconut oil and extra shea butter. This one creates such a luxurious lather and it soothes and moisturises the skin pre/ post skin, all without any need for SLS. We fragranced this one with a lovely unisex blend of bergamot and lime, so its ideal for all the places that boys and girls shave!

So, which bar is your favourite?