Three Little Reasons to Love Our Eco Warrior Minis

Three Little Reasons to Love Our Eco Warriors up who loves our brand new Eco Warrior Minis range? If you already know how amazing the Eco Warrior range is, then no doubt you’ll be just as excited as us about the diminutive versions we’ve recently launched. Your favourite soaps in a more portable package – how can you resist? Allow us to share three little reasons to love our Eco Warrior Minis range…

Eco Warrior Minis allow you to sample the range and discover a new favourite bar

Not sure which Eco Warrior bar soap to go for? Grab a mini pack and sample four of the best sellers. Each mini cube pack contains the shave, shampoo, body wash and sensitive facial bar in a handy 30g bar so that you can easily discover the right bar soap for you. The minis also make great gifts for friends and family you just know will love them – help us spread the joy and make natural bar soap accessible to all!

Eco Warrior Minis are travel friendly

Earlier this month we wrote about lockdown restrictions easing, and about how we can ease into our summer travels with cleaner and more green intentions. Packing light is an essential part of travelling greener – less luggage means you take up less space, and are more able to use greener modes of transport to get to your destination. So it stands to reason that our Eco Warrior minis are the perfect addition to your toiletry bag this summer. The Eco Warrior minis are packed compactly into a cube that fits perfectly into your hand luggage or washbag, and make packing light a breeze. Pop a brand new portable soap dish into your bag to keep your open bars safe, and to enable easy hand washing on the go too. These compact soap dishes are made from 97-100% renewable materials (sugar cane and corn) and have a carbon footprint of just 3.9% during production.

Eco Warrior Minis are great for the whole family

If you’re heading away with little ones, you can rest assured that the Eco Warrior minis are all you need to take. No separate bottles or bars for little ones – all ingredients in our range are natural and kind to sensitive skin, so they’re really all you need. They’re plastic free, eco-friendly & biodegradable (soap and packaging), 99.5% naturally derived, plant-based and 100% vegan. Not only that, but they’re fragranced only with pure essential oil blends – making them naturally antibacterial and bursting full of aromatherapy benefits. Being a bar, the Eco Warrior minis ensure there are no nasty spillage lurking in the bottom of your wash bag too. Win-win!

Want your own? Find it here.