Email of the Day!

Just had this through on the Email from Cathy Twigger which made me laugh out loud… I think I may need to organise a once a week meeting for Little Fans at this rate 🙂
My name is Cathy and I’m an addict.

My story
Really, I didn’t think it would hurt, after it was only one little try.  I used to be a Clarins junky. So I thought this would be harmless, just one shower with the little bit I was given at the Farmcombe taster day.
But I was so wrong, the lovely soft bubbles, the soft friendly nostalgic scent, oh! the soft skin, and now its to late I’m addicted!
So Im getting my friends to gether and we are coming on a course.  After all, when something is this good you want to share it dont you!
With love and thanks from an evangelical little soap company devotee.
P.S. Just off to get another bar. (I cut them in fours, one for the shower, one for the bath, one for the loo and one for the kitchen sink!!)