Five of the Best Dog Coats for Your Little Beast

Five of the Best Dog Coats for Your Little BeastAs much as we love winter here at Little Soap HQ, we most certainly do NOT love being cold! That said, there’s something so romantic and satisfying about wrapping up in thick jumpers and scarves, don’t you think? The same goes for our for legged friends too! Those of you who read our post, Walking Your Dog in Winter, will know that by now we recommend a really good coat for your dog for those cold wintry walks. So this week we’re looking at five of the best dog coats for your little beast, with tips on what to look for and how to make sure you get the right fit. Let us know what you think!

A good dog’sĀ coat must be…

… waterproof. It goes without saying that in the UK it tends to rain a lot, so a coat that cannot stand up to the weather is no good at all. And while we’re at it, your dog’s coat also needs to be windproof too.

… suitable for your breed of dog. Check carefully before you buy to make sure that it will fit your dog’s shape, and if it has a fleece liner check that it can be removed easily as this will make it more adaptable and suitable for milder days.

… comfortable for your dog. Yes, ok there are some really cute and fashionable coats out there but if your dog isn’t going to be comfortable wearing them you should steer clear. Go for either fleece or wickable materials that will not only be comfortable but practical too.

… a good fit! We’ll talk a little more about measuring your dog for their coat, so make sure that you check the measurements and don’t just opt for ‘medium’- most dog coats should have detailed sizing to help you choose.

… as non restrictive as possible. You want to cover your dog to protect from the elements, but your dog still needs to be able to walk, run and play. Make sure the coat reaches from theĀ neck to the base of the tail and protects the belly- but ensure your little beast has freedom of movement too!

… easy to put on! Some dogs hate garments being put over their heads, so go for the type that go on via the chest instead. Trust us, it will make getting out of the house a lot easier!

Our top five coats for dogs

We LOVE browsing all things dog related, so we’re delighted to be able to share the love a little bit today! Here are our top fiveFive of the Best Dog Coats for Your Little Beast dog coat recommendations- we’d love to hear yours too!

The Barnaby Tweed coat from Lords and LabradorsĀ Ā From Ā£23

We just love the classic design of this coat! The light brown tweed with the bright red polka dot belt- beautiful! Not only are these coats gorgeously designed and super stylish, but they’re practical too. Lords and Labradors provide a bespoke fitting service so you can guarantee a perfect fit.

The quilted coat from BarbourĀ Ā£37.95

One at the higher end of the price range, but when you read the description you can see why. This coat is made from Barbour’s signature diamond quilted nylon, with 70g wading for insulation to keep your little beast nice and warm this winter. It also features a small corduroy collar that can be folded forward for extra protection when the weather turns serious, and an adjustable underbody strap to ensure a good fit. We think this one is super stylish and we love the small touch of the classic tartan cotton lining too!

The Danish design 2-in-1 Four Seasons coat from Millbry HillĀ Ā£10.40

This coat is a must for the changeable UK weather! What we love most about this one is that it features a removable fleece liner (great for those walks that start off freezing and end up rather warm, or vice versa!) and a fantastic reflective fastening strap and beading. It’s waterproof, windproof, breathable and offers full chest protection. And for the fun loving amongst us, it comes in a range of colours- and won’t break the bank either. Such a super little coat for all year round if you choose!

The reversible puffa jacket from Purplebone from Ā£39.99

This is such a cute little jacket! We love that this one is packed with insulation for those freezing cold days, as well as being water repellent, hard wearing and easy to clean. Not only that, but it is also REVERSIBLE! Literally two coats in one. We love it! This coat can also be machine washed and tumble dried too.

The Blue Winter Knit from Bowwow London Ā£37.95

Oh my goodness this is a beautiful coat! It’s made from a lovely stretchy material for ease of comfort, and an optional hood for those really cold days. It’s available in a range of sizes and we think it just looks super cute and cosy.