Five Cruelty Free Blogs to Follow

Five Cruelty Free Blogs to Follow’re passionately proud of our Cruelty Free status here at Little Soap Company, and we hope that you are too. As valued customers and readers of this blog, we’re so glad that you follow our ethics and support us in our endeavours! This week we’re sharing some of our favourite resources when it comes to learning more about living cruelty free- do let us know if we haven’t included your top reads as we’re always looking to expand our list! Here are our top five cruelty free blogs for 2018.

Cruelty-Free Kitty

This wonderful blog is written by Suzi, who is on a mission to help inform and educate readers all over the world. In her bio she says, “I believe in transparency and ethics over profits when it comes to businesses. I also believe in supporting companies that are making an effort to be cruelty-free, fair-trade, or sustainable. I want to see a positive change in the beauty industry, and I’m trying my best to be a part of it.”- and we love that so much!

Check out her post 15 Great Reasons to Switch to Cruelty Free Products right now, and  then tell us you’re not hooked too! We love her no nonsense approach that Suzi oozes into her writing, and her ultimate guides are so worth a really good read. This lady knows her stuff, and she wants to share it all with you. Definitely one to add to your ‘can’t miss a post’ list.

Logical Harmony

This is a beautifully presented blog striving to bring up to date and honest reflections on how to liv a cruelty free lifestyle. Focusing on vegan beauty and promoting animal friendly living, Tashina and Justin host an extensive cruelty free brand list, cruelty free shopping guides, plus their very own guide to living cruelty free. These guys really know their stuff, and although Logical Harmony are US based, we still feel we have plenty in common. As Tanisha herself puts it, “I’m a girl who loves her lip gloss, self-tanner, and nail polish. Just because I chose to buy vegan options doesn’t mean that I can’t still maintain my lifestyle.”- and that’s just one small reason why we love her so!

Check out The Truth Behind May Contain Ingredients Lists and, of course, the Ultimate Guide to Help you go Cruelty Free for starters.

Sarah Kirby

Formerly known as The V Nice Life, Sarah’s blog is a hive of activity focused around plant based eating and a cruelty free lifestyle, with some gorgeous interiors and personal posts thrown in for good measure- ensuring you definitely need to settle down with a hot drink for an hour or two each time you visit!

Sarah writes so eloquently on the products that she swears by, and that fit into her lifestyle and ethics, and shares her thoughts on how she negotiates her way through life as a vegan in general. We love her post, The Invisible Rule Book for Vegans– its honest and it’s relatable and we definitely think you should read it! Sarah speaks of “an underlying pressure you can feel from within the vegan community, and also from those looking in from the outside world who aren’t vegan. It can often feel like there’s judgements coming in from all angles, which can of course become quite tiring.”- and it’s this refreshing approach to living a cruelty free life that has us hooked.

Curiously Conscious

As this blog’s title suggest, this one is a lovely exploration of life through the eyes of the inquisitive Besma who has one goal :”to look for the better things in life. That means better for the earth, better for others, and better for myself too.”- and what a goal!

We love the extensive posts on natural beauty, fashion and everyday struggles we all face when living a cruelty free and eco life. The post, Finding My Sustainable Style resonated with us thanks to the informal and honest way that Besma writes, and her explorations of what it means to express yourself without compromising on beliefs is inspiring and compelling. We highly recommend you check out her Ethical Influencers Network- information for which can be found here.

Peta UK

This list really cannot be complete without the inclusion of PETA and we hope you know why.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation is a UK-based charity dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals.

The PETA blog is informative, often hard hitting and always up to date when it comes to current campaigns against animal cruelty. Brace yourself for some honest (and sometimes upsetting) reporting, and do take the time to see how you can get involved too.

What are your top Cruelty Free blogs right now?