Five Little Health Tips for Dogs

Five Little Health Tips for say that every once in a while a dog comes into your life and changes everything- and we couldn’t agree more! We love our four legged friends here at Little Soap HQ, so much so that we created the Little Beast range especially for them. But it’s not just about making soaps that nourish and protect our dogs; it’s about nurturing, caring and loving them too. This week we’re looking at other ways that we can care for our furry pals- and so, we bring you five little health tips for dogs. Do let us know in the comments if you have any to add.

Keep meals healthy

Just as you take care of your own diet, your dog needs a specific menu that will help to not only keep him healthy and fit, but that will help to prolong his life too. It matters what you feed your dog, so don’t scrimp on this. Your dog relies on you to make sure that his diet is tailored to his needs- to keep his immune system strong, keep intestinal health in tip top condition, maintain an agile mind and to keep muscles and joints healthy too.

It’s also vital that your dog doesn’t become overweight. No matter how tempting it is to spoil him with treats, excessive behaviour like this really won’t do him any favours. Dogs that carry too much weight will be at risk for joint disease, heart disease, diabetes and other conditions. Not only that, but being obese can shorten his life by up to two years!

Prioritise vet appointments 

Really, don’t skip those appointments! Yes, they can be costly but they are part of the huge commitment it takes to be a dog owner so you need to be prepared for it. Your dog is going to need regular veterinary care and checkups to ensure that there are no heath issues, and to act promptly if there are. The peace of mind is worth way more than the vet’s bill!

Take oral health seriously 

Dental disease and oral health issues are actually quite common in dogs, and if left untreated can lead to serious health complications. Your dog will need regular dental appointments, but you will also need to take control of oral hygiene at home too. Get ready with the toothbrush and make it a consistent part of your dog’s daily routine. You can ask your vet about the best ways to care for your dog’s teeth.

Keep your dog hydrated

Your dog needs to drink a lot of water, and this is an essential part of caring for him. Water helps to a id digestion and the absorption of nutrients in the body. It cools the body in hot weather and helps to maintain a normal temperature. It maintains healthy joints and protects the spinal cord and internal tissues. It’s important!

If your dog becomes dehydrated, he can become ill quite quickly and be at risk for organ damage if water deficiency is sustained. So fill that water bowl up and make sure your dog is drinking enough, especially when the temperatures start to rise in summer.

Exercise your dogFive Little Health Tips for

When you take your dog for a walk rest assured you are doing so much more than simply stretching his legs! Exercise is vital for your dog’s mental stimulation, for preserving muscle tone and joint movements, and for staying lean and healthy too. More than that. it’s a precious time for you and your dog to strengthen your bond and to enjoy the fresh air of the world around you. Walking with your dog will make you feel great too!

Because we love our four legged friends so much, we hope to bring you regular news, tips, advice and information on caring for and nurturing your dog. Do let us know if there are any particular issues or topics you’d like us to cover-and let us know in the comments what you love about our Little Beasts range too. We always appreciate feedback and we love hearing from you all!