Five little tips for detoxing your home this summer

By now most of us have kick started our healthy body campaign for the summer- detox is done, clean eating is back on track and our fitness regime has been tweaked to perfection, right? But what about your home? Now is the time to get things straight there too. So your spring clean was finished weeks ago, but what about the detox? Yes, that’s right. Here are five little tips for detoxing your home this summer.

five little tips for detoxing your home this summer~

Why detox your home?

The average house contains around 1,000 chemicals. 1,000! Most of these are both invisible and odourless, which means we have no way of telling that they’re there. And while we all have different levels of tolerance, it’s safe to say that a chemical filled environment does nobody any good. Did you know that indoor air is almost twice as polluted as outdoor air? And the more insulated our homes become, the less we are able to let essential fresh air in. So what do we do? Spray the air fresheners? Release more chemicals into the air?


We detox, of course.

There are many simple ways that you can clean up your home this summer, and here are just five.

Implement a no shoes in the house policy

If this doesn’t already exist in your home, make it a priority now. Your shoes carry so many different nasties on them and each time you wear them inside, you are increasing the levels of bacteria, pesticides and dirt you have to live with. It’s simple. Keep the shoes for outside only- your home will thank you!

Clean the air

And not with shop bought air fresheners! We’ve already posted a few recipe ideas for making your own in this post, and we cannot stress more how important it is to carry on with chemical free methods. Don’t be tempted to mask the odours in your home with a bunch of sprays that do more harm than good. Be green, be clean!

Switch your cleaning products

Another issue we’ve already written about- stock up on your organic, natural cleaning products if you want to truly detox your home this summer. No more chemicals when natural products will do the job a lot better! The following ingredients are essential:

  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Tea Tree oil
  • Fresh lemons

Dust, dust, dust!

Housework is never top of the agenda when it comes to relaxing over the summer, but it really does pay to stay on top of this. Excess dust in your home means excess toxins, so spend a few moments each day to mop daily and use a HEPA filter in your hoover to make sure your home is as dust free as possible.

Five little tips for detoxing your home this summer~ organic for your pets too

Steer clear of harmful pet-care products and while you’re at it, avoid toxic pest control too- including traditional termite exterminators. You love your pets, so make sure you use only the finest products (as you would use yourself). We recommend our organic Little Beast pet shampoo bar for special treats!