Five little tips for surviving the party season

Christmas, for many, means parties. And we all love a good party, right? No reason why you can’t let your hair down and have some fun- you work hard all year, so you deserve it! Right? Now what if we told you that party season no longer has to break you? You can go to the ball, and avoid all the usual horridness afterwards too. No hangovers, no extra inches on the waist, no breakouts to spoil your complexion… here’s five little tips for surviving the party season!

Five little tips for surviving the party season~

Skip the punch

Let’s start with the seemingly hardest one of all. Think you can’t party without a cocktail or two? Think again. Not every single party has to be a booze fuelled affair- and that’s not to say that you should avoid drinking for the whole of Christmas either. If you have a lot of parties to attend this year, you might want to stay sober for some of them, for the sake of your health and sanity. If you think you might find it difficult, perhaps volunteer to be the designated driver.

Why skip the booze? We all know the negative affects that alcohol can have on us, and when we drink we lose our inhibitions so we tend to make poor food choices too. And then there’s the morning after. Who wants to hit the gym with a pounding head and churning stomach?

Eat before you leave

If you arrive at a party with a rumbling tummy, and all that is on offer is booze and fatty snacks, you’re not going to feel great the next day. Grab a healthy meal or snack before you leave so that you’re less tempted to pig out on party food. Of course, some treats are fine- it’s Christmas after all! Use your judgement, and if you do eat too much make sure your next day is a…

Detox day

Maybe go for a green day once a week during the party season? Green days are simple- just make sure that whatever you eat is green, and drink plenty of water too. Great options include:

  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • avocadoes
  • green apples
  • green juices

Green days will detox your body, clear your mind and help you to boost your immune system when you really need it.

Put on your dancing shoes

Dancing is a fantastic way to burn extra calories, release energy and frustration and keep you away from rich foods and drinks. Make the most of that dance floor during this party season and not only will you be burning lots of calories, but you will be flushing alcohol from your system too.

Don’t sweat it

You may start off with the best intentions, but we all need a little release now and then. If you do indulge during this year’s party season, don’t sweat it. Life is too short for regrets, and certainly too short to spend time feeling guilty or miserable. If you do want to really let your hair down then go for it. One day out of many more will not harm you and as long as you follow a general 80/20 rule you will be achieving a good balance. Have fun while you can!

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?