Five Little Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Five Little Tips to Beat the Winter that we have the festivities of Christmas and New Year out of the way, here at Little Soap HQ we’re looking forward to new beginnings and restoration of calm and order in our lives! The only thing holding us back right now though is the weather! Look out of the window. It’s likely to be dark, cold and more than a little gloomy. January is well known for it’s slightly desolate qualities when it comes to mood and motivation, but we’re here to change that this year. Short of jetting off on a plane to somewhere warm and sunny (if only!) this week we’re looking at real and practical ways that you can beat the winter blues. Read on to find out what we’re doing this month!

Start each day with a positive affirmation

This might sound too simple to be affective, but that just couldn’t be further from the truth. There have been studies conducted that prove positive affirmations have such a powerful influence on our general state of mind. If we repeat something often enough it becomes ingrained in our subconscious and starts to become a tangible belief we can really work with.

So take a moment to sit down each day and tell yourself “Today will be good. It’s a great day to be alive and I am grateful to be here.” Do this every single day. Even when the skies are gloomy and the rain is relentless. Even when you feel nowhere near grateful for much at all. Even when you’d rather stay curled up under the duvet! You owe it to yourself to start every single day with a positive thought, so start now!

Maintain a natural diet

What you put into your body is so important. If you’re filling up on sugary, processed foods filled with artifice flavourings, sweetness and preservatives, you are NOT going to feel good. Instead, make sure your diet is filled with wholesome foods, as close to their natural state as possible.Try to cut out caffeine and alcohol too, especially if you’ve over done it a little over Christmas. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins and get ready to feel a whole lot better.

Make sleep a priority

This one should be a little easier, because this time of year many of us just want to sleep more naturally. Try to have a regular bedtime and wake up time so that your body can work it’s way into a natural rhythm for sleep and relaxation. This will enable the body’s cells to renew and for the organs to repair ready for another day.

Pamper yourself Five Little Tips to Beat the Winter

We’ve talked before about the importance of self care, and really this time of year it’s more vital than ever to spend some time on yourself. Run a deep, warm bath and swirl in some beautiful Organic Rose Geranium bubble bath to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety and to banish low mood. And light a candle too! Try the English Lavender to help relax and soothe ready for a good night’s sleep.

Get outside more

We saved the best for last! But seriously, no matter how much you really don’t want to go outside at the moment, staying indoors is not going to help you get through the remaining winter months with a smile on your face. All you’re doing is breathing in artificially heated air and that’s never going to be good. Instead, get outside, get moving and get the blood pumping again. A brisk 20 minute walk is enough to get the endorphins flowing and to raise serotonin levels to the point where you might actually want to stay out a little longer! Don’t stay cooped up indoors just because it’s winter. Your mind, body and soul will appreciate the outing, believe us!