Give the Gift of Soap this Christmas

Three Little Reason to Give the Gift of Soap this Little Soap Company first started many years ago, we had one main intention: to make natural soap accessible to all. Since then, we’ve achieved amazing success, but we know we still have work to do! Thankfully, these days many of us are all too aware of how important it is to take steps to protect our planet in as many ways as possible- making our mission that little bit easier. We strongly believe that beauty should not come at a cost to others- be it our planet, or the animals who share it with us. With this in mind, here are just three little reasons to give the gift of soap this Christmas…

Our soap is an eco-friendly gift

Our natural soaps do not contain any of the nasty chemicals that are regularly washed into our oceans with other brands, and they’re generally a really great way to encourage more people to -reduce and re-use too. The average bar of soap will last for around a month- compared to shower gels that can be used up around a week- and when you get right down to the slithers you can store them to make a new bar of soap too. Read this post on what to do with your soap scraps for more inspiration. This means that not only are you spending less, but you’re using less packaging, encouraging less waste and being resourceful too.

More than this though, all of our products here at Little Soap are packaged using paper wrap, shredded zig zag paper and corrugated cardboard- all biodegradable and recyclable. Sometimes we will ‘up-cycle’ and re-use plastic wrapping or bubble wrap if it finds it way into the office, but we never specifically buy it in. All of our glossy cartons are recyclable too, so you can rest assured when you order from us you are not adding to landfill. And on the subject of packaging, you may find that your soap arrives in a box slightly somewhat bigger than the bar… this is due to the fact that natural soap needs to breathe. We cannot control warehouse temperatures and so we allow for this with a little extra room in your box.

Our soaps are cruelty free

The conscious Christmas shopper will undoubtedly endeavour to buy gifts that fit in with their own personal ethics, and rightly so. Rest assured that all of our products are certified cruelty freeThree Little Reason to Give the Gift of Soap this and have been approved by the Vegan Society too. We’re proud to display the official badges that recognises this too. If we stick together we can ban unnecessary animal testing and just by choosing products that have been certified cruelty free you are making the positive changes our planet desperately needs too.

Our soaps are perfect for all skin types 

Our natural soaps are the perfect all-rounder when it comes to gift buying- great for all sin types and a guaranteed hit no matter who you get as your secret Santa this year. Every single one of our soap products, both bar soap and liquids, are considered naturally-based and all bar two are organic. The National Ingredient Resource Center (NIRC) considers a product “all-natural,” if it contains at least 95% of ingredients that fits their criteria for natural ingredients. The other 5% may come from ingredients that do not meet their criteria for natural, but do not contain synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, or harmful fillers.

Here at Little Soap we use mostly natural and/or organic ingredient, and we’re always striving to stay ahead of new developments and up to date with research into the ingredients we use. While there is no soap or cosmetic product in this world that is truly “allergy-free”,  our products are made with all natural ingredients that most people are able to use without any side effects. We include full ingredient lists on our website for each product, so please do check carefully.

For Three Little Reason to Give the Gift of Soap this without known allergies, our natural soaps have been designed to be as gentle and as nourishing as possible. We were recently awarded a GOLD for our Rose Geranium Bubble Bath in the Green Parent Awards, and our Lavender Bubble Bath was awarded Best Buy in the Child Friendly category too. From baby to grandparent- we’ve got Christmas all wrapped up into one eco-friendly, cruelty free little bundle!