Green Bath Aromatherapy

Green Tibet Bath Salt Soak (taken from The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel – a must have book for all greenies who love their pampering)

Akin to the smell of Tibetan Green tea traditionally prepared with salt, butter and baking soda…. it will invigorate your senses and stimulate blood circulation – for those of you in the Big Smoke or hard water areas it will also soften the water…..

1 cup Grape Seed Oil

1 cup of Green Tea

1 Table Spoon Baking Soda

1/2 cup Epsom Salts

1 drop Lavender Essential Oil

1 drop Frankincense Essential Oil

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and store in a nice bowl or kilner jar – add half a cup of the infusion to warm running bath water…  if it takes an age to fill you bath – as it does here – then to stop the essential oils evaporating too quickly, you can also add the bath salts just before you get into the tub and give the water a swirl as you get to dissolve the salts! Light a candle, dim the lights and enjoy……!