Green Gifting Ideas for Mother’s Day

Green Gifting Ideas for Mother's at Little Soap we’re always trying our very best to convince as many people as possible to take positive action against the current state of our climate. We want to help educate and inform, so that we can all do our bit to reduce carbon emissions, protect the planet and its inhabitants, and leave the world a better place for future generations. The movement is starting to gain pace, so we can’t stop now! One of the best ways to support the small businesses producing eco-friendly products with sound production ethics is to buy from them! Green gifting is an amazing way to spread the word among your friends and family, and helps to keep green brands going so that they can continue with their important work. With this in mind, this week we’re bringing you some amazing green gifting ideas for Mother’s Day. Enjoy!

Award winning eco-friendly gifts… from yours truly

May we blow our own trumpet for a moment? When Little Soap first started back in the day, the intention was to bring natural soap to as many homes as possible- as a real and practical way to reduce plastic use, to promote the use of natural ingredients, and to make high qualityGreen Gifting Ideas for Mother's and eco-friendly products accessible to all.

Since then, we’ve won awards for our products, we stock in high street shops and we run successful soap schools that aim to share our knowledge with you guys- so that even more people can enjoy natural soap at home. Most recently, we were awarded the title of Best Artisan Soap Brand in The Beauty Shortlist awards- with five of our soap bars and our soap stand being recognised as worthy winners. Amazing!

So our number one green gift idea has to be a selection from our range, don’t you think? Browse our gifts and kits, for luxury hampers, our Eco Warrior gift set, or our Organic complete bathroom set in Grapefruit and Orange. Whatever your selection, rest assured that our products are 100% vegan, cruelty free and presented in eco-friendly packaging. Gifts that give.

Plant a tree…

How many times has your mum told you she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day? So you buy flowers- packaged in plastic wrap- that last a few days and then are disposed of. Let’s stop that now. The wonderful Woodland Trust will plant a tree in your mum’s name for just £25. Alternatively, you can make a donation towards the planting of new trees. A green gift that truly lasts a lifetime- and no plastic packaging required!

Hand made with love

Green Gifting Ideas for Mother's the days when you would come home from school with a clay thumb-pot for mum, or a hand made card and a painting you spent an entire morning creating? I’m willing to bet those gifts are still cherished to this day- and there’s a very good reason why. Hand made gifts are special because they show the recipient that you took some time and effort into creating something for them. You dedicated thought towards making them happy. That sentiment doesn’t change now that you’re an adult!

Bake a cake (vegan, of course!), knit a blanket or even get the paint brushes out again. Alternatively, get her a gift voucher for an experience for something that she can make herself instead. Our Little Soap School workshops perhaps?

Spend some time together

Sometimes, all that mum really wants for Mother’s Day is just a little of your time. life is busy, and when we grow up we get chores and responsibilities of our own to contend with. Sometimes this means we don’t see family or friends as much as we’d like to. Maybe this Mother’s Day you could simply spend some time together, away from the pressures of modern day life for an hour or two? Go for a walk, have lunch together, or just sit with a hot cup of tea and a biscuit or two. These will become the days you treasure the most, so grab them now and make some precious memories together.