Green Your Cleaning Routine Today

Regular readers will know that here at Little Soap HQ we’re passionate about living as green a life as possible. From the products we use on our skin, to the foods we eat and even to the things we use to clean our homes. We believe that everyone can live naturally, well and with a clear conscience too. Read on to find out how you can green your clean routine today.

Green Your Cleaning Routine your home

Make sure you have the right things in your cupboards in order to create your very own green cleaning routine. Read this post for a quick guide on the basics you’ll need, plus how to make a few easy but effective green cleaning products.

By organising your home in this way, you are making a clear and conscious effort to change your current cleaning routine and sometimes this is the biggest change you can make. It’s altering your mindset so that you’re able to say no to the current chemical laden cleaners you have in your cupboards. Embrace instead a range of all natural powerful ingredients that won’t harm your health or the environment. Once your cleaning cupboard is green, you’re ready!

Research carefully

Now, we’re no experts. We can only recommend ingredients that we’ve tried and that work for us. Obviously, we’ve never been into your homes before so we cannot tell you 100% that the ingredients we use are suitable for your work surfaces or other areas too. Please research all ingredients before you try them and please test them on small areas too. If you’re going to stick to a green cleaning routine you need to make sure that you’re completely happy with the products you’re swapping out and the ingredients you’re using instead.

Make small changes

Aside from ditching the chemical cleaners and using natural ingredients instead, there are other ways that you can green your cleaning routine. Here are four little tips to help you out:

  • Remove your shoes when you enter the house. Such a small thing, but think of all the dirt and germs your shoes can carry from outside. Get everyone to take their shoes off to reduce the need to clean so often; and to reduce the temptation to buy chemical filled carpet cleaners.
  • Vacuum regularly to prevent the build up of dust and to rid your home of other germs and chemicals that could be present.
  • Make your own cleaning products wherever you can.
  • Check labels religiously – if you’re buying green cleaning products make sure they really are green! As a general rule you want your products to be chlorine bleach free, phosphate free, non-petroleum-based and chemical fragrance free.

Make bigger changes

If you’re serious about going green when it comes to cleaning then consider taking the plunge and making some bigger changes to help you on your way. Ditch those mass produced household cleaners and replace them with home made natural versions instead. Remember, we shared a few of our favourite natural cleaners in this post, so have another look and set aside some time to test them out.

Another thing you’re going to have to do it to commit to banning all air fresheners in your home –  read this post to find out why and, while you’re at it!, why not detox your home completely. Here’s how to do it.

Happy Cleaning!