Heading off on holiday this summer? Yippee! Here’s how to enjoy sun, sea, and sand, eco-style.

It’s fair to say we all could do with a break after everything the last 18 months has thrown at us. For many of us this year, a holiday will look like a UK based ‘staycation’. And fortunately (at the time of writing anyway) the UK weather is practically tropical!

The thing is with holidays, is that our usually eco-aware behaviour can go slightly out the window. Partly this is down to convenience, for example mini plastic packaged toiletries, more use of takeaway drinks and bottled water, picnic cutlery, the list goes on.

But we are eco-warriors here at Eco Bathroom, and we believe taking a break doesn’t need to mean a break from protecting the planet.

Here’s some easy ways you can enjoy some well-deserved relaxation and rejuvenation eco-style.


For the really dedicated eco-warriors, you could investigate eco-holidays. Staying in an eco-lodge can be a truly special experience, great fun, and conscious-free. Most eco-holiday locations enjoy a serene and stunning setting, surrounded by wildlife and nature, and they are powered by renewable energy. Many will offer electric vehicle charging and often some of the price you pay goes towards conservation work, like this lovely eco home in Devon. Camping is also of course an excellent eco-friendly holiday choice.


Your mode of travel is a biggie when it comes to impact on the environment. Of course, no one expects you to get from London to Cornwall on a bicycle, but we can all make some sensible changes. The impact on the pandemic has been less air travel so already this has been a help with the carbon footprint. But if you’re having a staycation, getting around your local area by bike or bus will be more environmentally friendly. If you don’t have your own, many areas offer bicycles and regulated e-scooters for hire as an eco-friendly way of getting around.


Travelling means lots of plastic toiletries, right? Wrong! We’ve worked hard at Little Soap Company to create handy travel toiletries which are cost effective, practical, and earth friendly. This includes shampoo bars, hand and body soaps, shaving bars, and facial bars. Our range is just perfect for replacing heavy and bulky bottles. And for maximum convenience, there’s our award-winning travel packs with mini versions of our products.

There are also many eco-alternatives to traditional dental products including bamboo toothbrushes, mouthwash tablets, and eco-toothpaste.

You can even opt for more eco-friendly sun cream with a variety of sustainable options now available.

Eating and drinking

Eating and drinking while you’re away can end up being very plastic centred. Refillable water bottles are a must, there’s so many fantastic designs including chill bottles which keep cold drinks cold for many hours.

Refillable coffee cups are also handy, and you can benefit from the many cafes offering discounts and even tree planting if you bring your own cup, like this brilliant initiative in Bournemouth.

You can stay away from disposal plastic cutlery and cling wrap by investing in one of the many lovely bamboo sets around as well as eco-wraps and food boxes. You’ll enjoy the food even more knowing your picnic experience is earth-friendly!


Eco friendly activities while you’re away could include;

  • Cycling
  • Hiking and tree planting
  • Eco mini golf, we loved this fish food based eco-mini golf in Boscombe
  • Star gazing
  • Visit nature reserves
  • Shop at pick-your-own farms and farmers markets

Whatever you choose to do, there’s lots of ‘green’ ways to enjoy that beautiful sunshine. Happy holidays!