Hidden Plastics You Need to Know About

Yes, we’re on a mission and we’d like you to join us if you can. We really want to do our bit to reduce the amount of plastic we as a nation are using each and every day, and the best way we know how is by spreading the word as much as we can. We’re striving to make sure that our own plastic usage is limited, and we’re keen to let you guys know how you can do it too. Together we can really make a difference, so do please let us know in the comments in you’re on board too. This week we’re highlighting some of the hidden plastics in everyday items that you really need to know about. There are safer alternatives that won’t contribute towards the destruction of our planet, so let’s make the change for tomorrow,  today.

Hidden Plastics You Need to Know About_LittleSoapCompany.co.ukTeabags

The humble tea bag is actually a grave offender when it comes to the plight of reducing plastic usage in the UK. Most of us aren’t even aware that teabags even contain plastic, but because they’re heat sealed with polythene they simply will not break down in the compost heap. This means they cannot be recycled! There are of course some teabags that are made without plastic, but they come in plastic packaging so they still contribute towards the ridiculous amount of plastic going to landfill each day.

Switch to loose leaf tea to reduce plastic usage in the UK.

Chewing gum

As if it wasn’t bad enough, but yes chewing gum also contains plastic, and has done since the 1960s. That old ‘myth’ about gum lasting a million years isn’t so far from the truth after all, and most brands come in plastic packages too.

Ditch the gum to reduce plastic usage in the UK.

Disposable coffee cups

These are lined with plastic, so despite their appearances they also contribute towards excessive plastic use in the UK.

Invest in a re-usable coffe cup to reduce plastic usage in the UK.

Foil packages

You know those shiny bags that crisps come in- marketed as being ‘foil fresh’? Yep, they’re plastic and not foil at all. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

Some chocolate bars are wrapped in paper or genuine foil; have a go at making your own crisps to reduce plastic usage in the UK.



It might seem obvious, seeing as most come in plastic containers, but did you know that some shampoos and body washes etc actually contain plastic themselves? If the ingredients label lists phthalates you need to ditch it straight away! And rest assured that our range here at Little Soap do NOT contain any of these nasties at all.

Swap your toiletries to natural and organic goodies to reduce plastic usage in the UK. See here!

Tips to cut down on plastic use

If you made it to the end of this list and want to know more about reducing plastic usage then please read on. Here are five really easy ways you can make the change today.

  • stop drinking bottled water
  • stop using plastic containers and store foods and other goods in glass jars instead
  • make your own cleaning products
  • opt for whole, fresh foods and avoid pre-packaged foods completely
  • invest in wooden toys over plastic toys