How Little Soap Works towards Sustainability

At the start of #PlasticFreeJuly, I talked to you about how we’re doing our bit to alleviate the single use plastic crisis. This week, I wanted to talk to you¬†about how Little Soap works towards sustainability overall in the business.


Provenance of Our Ingredients

This is a top one for me. I’ve always, always been so careful about the quality of the oils in the soap; it makes such a difference to the end result. But it’s not just about quality. With each ingredient it’s about where it comes from, how it is produced. As time’s gone on, I’ve learned more and more about the Sustainable Palm Oil movement and the incredible complexity of this issue on the ground. Our allies at the Sumatran Orangutan Society have been alongside the business right from the early kitchen table days, as I sought to ensure the right provenance from my suppliers. The business is bigger now; I has become we as I have a wonderful team around me. I don’t make the soap on the kitchen table anymore, but I do make sure that ingredients are not sourced in a way that harms the planet.

Supporting the Activists

It‚Äôs our turn to support those organisations who have guided us, now. I‚Äôm passionate about¬†Corporate Social Responsibility ‚Äď not just in how we run the business, but in how we partner¬†with organisations that are moving vital environmental concerns forward.¬†We get asked for charitable support from all kinds of places, very frequently. It must be¬†disappointing to hear a no from us, but the truth is: I believe in putting our contribution¬†determinedly behind the causes that we are intertwined with. So our focus is small, but we
do what we can.

Low Environmental Impact of Our Products

One of the wonderful things about natural soap as a substance is that it is entirely free of anything that could damage the environment. It’s simple oils. That’s it. So when you wash it down the plughole, it is not doing harm further downstream. And I choose to keep things simple, which makes it environmentally simple! No dyes, no microbeads (obviously nobody in the UK is using those now!), no synthetic fragrances, no silicones, no nasties. Full. Stop.

Whole Business Approach

Over the past few years we‚Äôve put extensive work into being certified cruelty free,¬†recognised by the Vegan Society, and currently, RSPO certified and our latest endeavour:¬†going for B Corp registration.¬†Why are we doing this? Because these certifications and accreditations mean that many¬†aspects of the business are thoroughly scrutinised ‚Äď supply chains and all. By being able to¬†place these marks on our packaging, we can assure you at a glance that yes ‚Äď we are the¬†real deal. You can trust us.¬†It‚Äôs vital that our whole business ‚Äď premises, staff work procedures, supply chain¬†relationships, overall products, marketing ‚Äď all of it is run with integrity and consideration¬†for the environmental impact. The final product is something I am still proud to put my¬†signature on the labels, 13 years into the business.