How to Make the Transition to Zero Waste

How to Make the Transition to Zero at Little Soap HQ, we have always been huge advocates the zero-waste lifestyle. We believe that we can all strive to do more wherever possible when it comes to lowering our carbon footprint, and we’re passionate about helping others to achieve this too. Living a zero-waste lifestyle does not need to be complicated, but it can seem like a daunting prospect if you’re just starting to discover the importance of adopting changes. With this in mind, this week we’re looking at how to make the transition to zero waste so that this new lifestyle becomes second nature- and so that you, in turn, can help others to make the change too. Education is key!

Be aware of the problem

Its all very well knowing that you ‘should’ be making some changes to reduce your carbon footprint- but knowing why these changes are necessary is just as important if you want to make changes that you’re committed to. Spend some time researching the facts. Read our post on how to up your recycling game; educate yourself on the benefits of PET plastic over glass; learn about the items that cannot be recycled. In short, immerse yourself in the magnitude of the problem our planet is facing, so that you can ignite the passion you need to make this zero waste journey work. When you’re aware of the issues, you’re better equipped to fight back!

Start with easy swaps

There are so many products that we can swap out for reusable versions that help us to transition to a zero-waste lifestyle. We’ve already written about reusable swaps you can make at home plus three easy kitchen swaps in this post to help you reduce plastic use too. We also have tips on bathroom swaps, makeup swaps, and tips for parents wanting to adopt a greener lifestyle too.

Please do take a read of our posts, and do further research on the many other swaps that you can do right now to make your transition to a How to Make the Transition to Zero lifestyle easier. There is so much out there- check out our favourite zero waste bloggers too for more ideas and inspiration in your daily feed!

Transition at your own pace

Remember that something worth doing is going to take time, effort, and patience. We cannot reverse a lifetime of habits in once day- so be kind to yourself and set achievable goals so that you transition at your own pace. If you already own items that don’t fit your new criteria for a zero-waste lifestyle, don’t panic. Its always better to finish using these products and then simply phase them out when you need to replace them. For example, finish up your packet of disposable face wipes, and then invest in reusable wipes instead. Finish that bottle of shampoo, and then swap to an Eco Warrior shampoo bar. Visit zero waste shops and support them in their efforts to make green choices more mainstream. Make the transition at your own pace and remember that you are doing your best and that the end result is going to be amazing.

Have patience with yourself and invest some time in researching the creative and innovative products that you can use to replace other items in your life. Check out our post on the fabulous zero plastic brands and small ethical brands we love right now– there are some truly inspirational products out there waiting for you – and I’d argue many are better than their traditional counterparts!