Intro to cold processed soap making course



We will cover:

▪    Brief history and basic chemistry of soap making
▪    Everything you need to get started: materials, ingredients and equipment and stockists
▪    Safety aspects of working with sodium hydroxide
▪    Preparation of your moulds and various moulding options
▪    Using additives in soap such as flowers, seeds, oats, oxides, herbs, spices & clays
▪    Adding nutrient oils for various skin conditions
▪    Blending pure essential oils for fragrance
▪    Mixing, the insulating myth, cutting, curing and storing your finished  soap

We’ll start the day (normally 10.30am) with tea or coffee. The morning is spent quickly talking you through the theory and making demo batches, but we believe you learn by doing, so you’re let loose after lunch to get your hands messy mixing your own batches!

You’ll go home laden with your creations and all the skills needed to either make soaps for your friends and family hereon in or even take it a step further and create your own small business… soap making is one of the few hobbies that costs very little to set up (around £30 in base oils, gloves, goggles and a thermometer – other equipment you’ll already have at home).

And the day doesn’t end there…. we are not going anywhere and we are passionate in wanting the world to use proper soap – so if you get stuck when you get home or a few months down the line have any questions then you’ll have our numbers and email and we love to hear how you’re going and to keep in touch and will help with any glitches or questions!

One on one course day: £450

Bring a friend: £295 each

Bring 2 friends: £275 each

Bring 3 friends: £265 eac

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