Introducing the Little Soap Kits

Here at Little Soap Company HQ we are more than passionate about creating natural products for all to enjoy. And not only that, but we love to pass on our knowledge so that you can create too. What better way than with our soap making kits? Now you don’t need to be local to be able to learn our tricks of the trade (we run very popular soap making courses for the local community) because these kits are ready to buy online and use at home. Read on to find out more…

Introducing the Little Soap

Soap making kits

Do it yourself is one of our mottos! We love a good natural remedy and if you look back through the blog you’ll see absolutely loads of do it at home recipes for face scrubs, hair masks and more. We believe that natural ingredients are the best ingredients to use when it comes to our beauty regime, and so we’re so excited to launch these soap making kits!

Our aim has always been “…to make pure, natural, organic skincare accessible to all” and one thing that we’ve always been aware of is the fact that the Little Soap School is only really accessible to local residents. This means that we can’t actually reach out and share our recipes, ingredients and know how about green skincare with everyone! So we came up with the idea of bringing our Little Soap School to your kitchen table- to give you a taster of how to home make our soaps, balms and other green products. Exciting!

Why make your own?

Why not? Seriously, when you make a beauty product from scratch, you know exactly what has gone into it and therefore exactly what you are putting on your skin. You can be 100% guaranteed that there are no nasties and no chemicals and you can rest assured that you won’t experience any side effects either. We also find the whole process extremely satisfying, almost therapeutic- it’s never too late to pick up a new hobby!

Easy to use

Like our lip balm kits, the soap making kit is easy to use. But we must point out that they are not suitable for children under the Introducing the Little Soap of 16, so please ensure you keep it out of the reach of the kids! Each kit comes with full instructions and carefully weighed and measured ingredients so that you can create your own beautiful soaps. We also sell issues of the wonderful Making Soap cosmetics and candles magazine for those of you really keen to learn more.

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