Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day landing tomorrow, we have a feeling that some of you will need that perfect speedy gift for the special mum in your life. Well, look no further. This week we’re letting you in on a few Little Soap secrets to help make Mother’s Day special. No matter what type of mum she is, we have something for you here. Enjoy!

Bubbles and more bubbles

 No need to over think it. Does mum deserve a pamper session?  This year, you’ll find our luxurious bubble baths in a Waitrose near you, and you can supplement those bath bubbles with a bottle of mum’s favourite tipple to enjoy while she soaks.  Ideal for mums who just want to shut the bathroom door and indulge a little!  If mum needs to wind down and sleep well for once, the lavender fragrance is your best option- this beautiful essential oil is famous for its relaxation properties, and we know mum will appreciate its benefits.

If you know that your mum already loves Little Soap products (and who doesn’t, right?) then why not stock up on a pair of pump handsoaps, one in each fragrance to keep her going for a while? Our soaps are so luxurious and gentle on her hands.

Make it yourself

If you want to add a personal family touch alongside a gift of our soaps, there are a few quick options on the day.

There’s something really special about a handmade card and they can often be kept as a keepsake.  If you’ve got little people in the house, or you’re inclined to be creative yourself, why not take a few moments to make that card for mum instead of buying on the way?  Pinterest can be a great source of last minute inspiration and really simple designs can be so effective.

Or how about a memory jar?  Everyone in the family can pop a few little notes recalling some really special or funny family moments.  If your mum loves kind words as a way of being appreciated, this would go down a treat. A Kilner jar with a simple ribbon around the neck would be a great option.

Mother’s Day baking to show your affection is another easy DIY solution as long as you keep it simple.  Arriving at mum’s with a favourite sponge cake or biscuit is sure to raise a smile.

Time together

 If you’re looking for something really original this year, why not book a special occasion to share with mum and come to the Little Soap School at our HQ here in Broadway?  Here, she can come and learn how to make her own soap!

From an Introduction to cold processed soap making, to Bespoke soap making, Introductionto natural creams and balms, Creams and balms for mums to be and an Introduction to natural perfumery- we’re absolutely certain there is something for everyone at our Little Soap school!  These days are really memorable and something we bet she’s not been given before!

Not sure which course to go for? Opt for a gift voucher online and let mum choose for herself. Buy now for £285.