Little goes Large in Wolverhampton!

Stood outside our humble pile, The Express and Star included us in their “Today in the City” round up reporting how, by chance the first batch of newly relabelled Little Soap Co soaps ended up in Wolverhampton Waitrose – a new store to add to our collection where we are Little Local Heroes! Thanks Express and Star………!!!

Download page here: Little Soap Company in Express & Star Business News


<Pic Caption> Emma Heathcote-James, of Little Soap Company, at her cottage workshop where

she makes the products now on sale at the Waitrose store in Wolverhampton


The Waitrose store Wolverhampton is playing an unexpected part in the relaunch of a Birmingham-born woman’s cottage industry. Emma Heathcote-James, the owner of Little Soap Company, produces a luxury organic hand-made soap in a workshop in the garden of her Cotwolds cottage. A born and bred Brummie from Harborne,

Emma won a prestigious contract to supply¬†her six nearest Waitrose stores within¬†her first six months of trading back in 2009.¬†But she has had to give up the original¬†name of the company, ‚ÄúNaked‚ÄĚ, to avoid a¬†legal row. To mark the change of name to Little¬†Soap Company she made the first delivery¬†of newly packaged wares to the flagship

Waitrose store on Penn Road, Wolverhampton.¬†‚ÄúWe‚Äôre thrilled for the first batch of Little¬†Local Lavender and Organic Oats soaps to¬†arrive in Wolverhampton,‚ÄĚ said Emma.