Little habits that fit and healthy people swear by

As summer approaches, most of us are looking to improve the state of our bodies, right? Some of us know that winter is actually the season where we prepare our bodies for the bikini, but don’t worry if you’re a little late to the game. Most of us are! So if you’re wanting to get your body in check ready for the warmer months, it might help to know about a few little habits that fit and healthy people swear by. Hopefully there are more than one or two that you can get your teeth into this year!

Little habits that fit and healthy people swear by~


We love this one. Never underestimate the power of a smile that comes from within. When you carry a positive vibe around with you, there is no end to the potential that you can achieve. Try it! A positive outlook has been proven to improve mood and reduce stress, and it also strengthens your ability to overcome obstacles and take on new challenges. Fit and healthy people are naturally positive people and if you think about the fact that exercise boosts feel good hormones, it’s easy to see why. Give it a go.

A healthy diet

It’s true. Eating well and nourishing your body will nourish your mind too. And naturally fit and healthy people all have this in common. Remember that what you put inside your body will fuel you through life, and a healthy diet will do more than just make you look good. If you’re fit and healthy you are naturally more happy, more positive in general and more likely to succeed when you set out to achieve the impossible.


Taking time out to recharge, relax and calm the body and mind is just as important as it is to exercise and eat well. Your body is not a machine; you need to make time to step away from the stresses of daily life now and then. And guess what? Fit and healthy people do this regularly. Fit and healthy people live mindful lives with a level of self awareness that allows them to take action to preserve their sanity when they need to. You should do this too. Meditation is great for the soul, and gentle exercises such as swimming or yoga are also wonderful ways to switch off and relax. Take the time for you.

Move daily

Fit and healthy people just don’t have ‘duvet days’ very often. And if they do, they still fit in some level of daily movement. Fit and healthy people show a commitment to their ’cause’ that sees them moving in some way each and every day. So a duvet day may mean the gym doors remain closed, but it doesn’t mean their dedication to remaining fit and healthy dwindles.


So fit and healthy people eat well, exercise regularly, relax when they need to and remain naturally positive beings. Fantastic. How do they keep it up, we ask? You may be committed too, but what happens if the desire to get up and run slows down after a month or so? The question to ask yourself is this: do you enjoy it?

Most fit and healthy people maintain that lifestyle because they enjoy it. They juice because they like the taste. They run because they love to do it and it makes them feel good. If you don’t enjoy it, what’s the point? If you find yourself dreading your next run and feeling guilty because you just cannot be bothered, it might be time to reconsider your plans. Find an exercise that you do love. Go dancing. Swim. Rollerskate. Find an activity that you enjoy.

Say no to diets

Hoorah! Fit and healthy people don’t diet. They eat well and they exercise regularly but they don’t deny their bodies in the same way as dieters do. If you’re providing your body with the right combinations of nutrients that you love to eat, what’s the point in cutting down? If you’re exercising to burn excess calories, you don’t need to deny yourself. Fad diets don’t work, but a healthy lifestyle does.

Sleep well

At the end of a busy day, fit and healthy people make sleep a priority, and you should too. Sleep is the body’s chance to restore and repair, and to work on digesting all that food too. And if you sleep well, your energy levels are just right for the next day’s activities too.

What are your top tips for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle?