Little Reasons to Love our Rose Geranium Bar Soap

Little Reasons to Love our Rose Geranium bar

As Plastic Free July begins to draw to an end, we wanted to take just one last opportunity to urge you all to keep up your new eco habits into August and beyond. If you’ve made some positive changes this month, don’t stop now! Imagine if we all abandoned single use plastics for good?! With this in mind, we also just wanted to remind you just how impactful it can be to swap from liquid soap to bar soap- and we’re highlighting our beautiful Rose Geranium bar to help us illustrate the point. Read on to find out more about flagship fragrance and how this simple swap can help make a huge difference to our planet.

Why you should make the swap to Rose Geranium bar soap

Making the swap from liquid shower gel to bar soap should be a no brainer- but in case you’re new to the mission, here are two very good reasons why you should do it sooner rather than later.

  • For the planet. One single bar of soap will require less energy to produce, and less energy to transport too. Bar soap will also use less packaging (and our packaging is fully plastic free- in fact, we’re proud to say that our entire supply chain is plastic free) plus our bar soap only uses natural ingredients, which means they do not contribute towards nasty chemicals being flushed into our oceans.
  • For you. Using our bar soap means you’re using less chemicals on your skin, and instead you’re nourishing your body with specially selected ingredients that are designed to protect and care for you. And when it comes to our Rose Geranium bar soap, there are a few special reasons why the fragrance is so important too.

Benefits of rose geranium

Little Reasons to Love our Rose Geranium bar

The therapeutic benefits of Rose Geranium are well researched and documented. This essential oil has actually been used for centuries to treat a variety of issues, and we specifically chose to use it because we wanted to not only bring you a natural soap bar that would smell amazing, clean and hydrate your skin, but that would give you some aromatherapy bliss too. 

The benefits of Rose Geranium include:

  • Antioxidant properties: helping your skin to heal from toxins and environmental exposure, thus aiding in slowing the appearance of ageing.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: helping to soothe irritation and relieve symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and allergies.
  • Antibacterial properties: helping to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Anti-anxiety properties: helping to calm and soothe the mind and even reduce pain.

Pretty amazing, don’t you agree?

So, how can bar soap help to eliminate plastic?

So let’s talk more about how the humble bar soap can help to eliminate plastic. We already know that bar soap production methods use less energy, and the same goes for the production of packaging too. And when it comes the war on plastic, the bar soap trumps liquid shower gel in so many ways, including what the packaging is actually made from. 

Little Reasons to Love our Rose Geranium bar

As we mentioned earlier, our entire supply chain is plastic free. Our bar soaps come packaged in 100% recyclable cartons that are free of solvents and do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) making them environmentally friendly. 

Our soaps are sent out to you in parcels containing boxes, paper wrap, shredded or zigzag paper and corrugated cardboard, all of which are biodegradable and recyclable. It’s worth noting here however, that if you receive an order that uncharacteristically contains plastic, don’t panic. It’s there because we upcycle any plastic packaging that we receive here in the Little Soap offices, so that we can save it from going to landfill. We reuse it and we hope you will too!

Now is the time to reduce plastic waste

Bar soap will help us all to reduce plastic waste, and it’s such an easy swap that we can all make straight away. So the next time you reach for a plastic bottle filled with shower gel, stop. Put it back, and swap it for a bar of soap instead. See here for more easy plastic free swaps you can make in the bathroom.