Little Travellers hits Mongolia….

Hello Emm aand all at “little soap”,

Thankyou, your wonderful products arrived today.

we thought you might be interested in the following,as you are clearly,and absolutly understandably,very proud of your product and “what you do”
we first came across your soap whilst staying at the Ebrington Arms in late June.

2 weeks later our eldest daughter was crossing mongolia (!) on horseback to raise funds for “help for heroes” with some experienced riders from the “band of sisters” and some of the injured soldiers.she belongs to neither group,but believes passionatly in the charity and is an experienced endurance rider.
we gave her a packet of your travellers soap,in the vague hope she might actually wash during the 2 week trek,as they were “riding rough” to put it mildly!
they were doing 40 miles a day in 40+ degrees.
Sophie declared your soap as an absolute life-saver! it is perfect for washing body and hair in a cold mountain stream at the end of a hard,hard day.for our Sophie to say that,your soap must indeed be something very special!
you also now have some battle-hardened infantry soldiers as fans!
so your soap has been used to wash with,in many mongolian rivers!
also very good in a warm english bathroom,so we thought we’d get a few packets in for the winter.

great soap,you deserve to do very,very well.

john and alison kilpatrick