Make your own beauty advent calendar

We’re terribly excited right now- with Christmas just around the corner we’re getting ready to dust off our party shoes and preparing for some festive celebrations! Next week December hits us, and with it comes party season, which only means one thing. Time to batten down the hatches and reinforce your beauty regime! And what better way than with your very own beauty advent calendar?

Yes, yes, we may be a little old for advent calendars, but we’ve noticed that this year there are more and more calendars aimed towards grown ups than there used to be. I’m sure you’ve seen them- calendars with mini bottles of nail polish behind each door, or even mini bottles of wine in some cases! This got us to thinking… how fantastic would it be to make your own beauty advent calendar, filled with the little natural remedies you know will work? Inspired by the wonderful Tesco calendar that features none other than our own delicious soaps, we’ve put together a quick guide at making your own beauty advent calendar. Enjoy!

Make your own beauty advent calendar~

Make the calendar

There’s no need to be too fancy if you don’t have time. Your calendar can be a collection of numbered paper bags pegged to a string of fairy lights. Or it can be a more traditional box with individual doors for each day of advent. The design is up to you- as long as you have 25 ‘doors’ to open (and bare in mind they will need to be slightly larger than traditional advent calendar doors). We love this tutorial that uses papier mache boxes, or this one made from little gift boxes. For a more traditional looking calendar, this tutorial is wonderful and it uses different sized boxes which is perfect for little beauty treats!

Choose your goodies

Now you have your calendar (and if none of the above suit you, google DIY advent calendars and get inspired), you need to fill it! Traditionally, the best gift is always hidden behind door number 25, but who says that has to be the case in your own DIY calendar? You know your beauty needs through winter, so why not make sure you put exactly what you want behind each door? So the order is up to you, but these are the things we’d put in our calendar:

  1. Lip balm. Make your own honey orange balm with using this recipe from The Art of Homemaking.
  2. A pot of honey and coconut oil hair mask- see our tutorial on how to make it here.
  3. A fresh lemon. SO many uses for it! For inspiration, see this post.
  4. Small bottle of coconut oil hair spray for freshening hair before the work’s do. See our post on how to make it here.
  5. Small jar of vanilla and brown sugar foot exfoliator- to soothe those feet after a night on the tiles. See how to make it here.
  6. Small pot of bicarbonate of soda… sounds strange, bur this stuff is amazing at cleansing hair deep down after application of a few too many products. To make a deep cleansing shampoo that lifts grease, see this post.
  7. Small bottle of custom colour nail polish. We love this idea! See how to make it here.
  8. Small jar of ‘shower jellies’ to refresh and revitalise the morning after. See how to make them here.
  9. Small pot of DIY dry shampoo- for when there just isn’t time to wash it! See how to make it here.
  10. Small pot of coffee ‘wake up eye cream’- a definite must as December wears on and party season gathers speed! See how to make it here.
  11. Small bottle of peppermint essential oil. Massage a few drops to your temples when you have a head ache, or see this post for most fantastic uses.
  12. Small bottle of almond oil. Apply to under eye area before bed each night to help reduce puffiness Make your own beauty advent calendar~ dark circles.
  13. Small jar of home made eye make up remover. This recipe uses olive oil and witch hazel.
  14. Sinus clearing shower tablets. All that partying can make you a little run down and more susceptible to coughs and colds. These little beauties are such a great idea!
  15. Home made lip scrub- this recipe uses sugar, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil. Lovely!
  16. Small pot of dry skin balm- we love this recipe and this is a great solution for skin that’s drying out thanks to central heating.
  17. Chapped skin stick- tutorial here.
  18. Small pot of hand made blusher- give those cheeks some colour! Tutorial here.
  19. Handmade red lipstick. Perfect one shade suits all! See how to make it here.
  20. Handmade solid perfume stick- great for popping in your bag for fragrance on the go. See how to make them here.
  21. Small pot of cinnamon and olive oil hair mask. Wonderfully festive smelling hair can be yours! Tutorial here.
  22. Handmade coconut coffee body scrub cubes. The only way to wake up the morning after the Christmas party! See how to make them here.
  23. Small packet of handmade makeup remover pads. We love this tutorial!
  24. Small pot of handmade vaseline- this stuff has SO many uses, including treating chapped skin and lips. See how to make it here.
  25. Small pot of barefoot balm to soothe sore feet. Lovely recipe here.

Now you’re ready to count down to Christmas!