Mindfulness Practises: 7 Ways to Start your Day Right

Mindfulness: 7 ways to start your day right_LittleSoapCompany.co.uk

What springs to mind for you when you hear the term ‘mindfulness’? What does it mean to you? And does it even matter?! This week we’re turning inwards and looking at the values of adopting mindfulness with 7 ways to start your day right- along with some tips to help you hone your self care skills and mindfulness practices.

What does mindfulness mean?

Most will agree that mindfulness is the ability to be fully present. Aware of where we are, what we’re dong and why. Accepting and calm, not overwhelmed by whatever is happening around us. But what does it all actually mean when it comes to adopting mindfulness practises in our everyday lives? How easy it is really, to practise self care? To adopt and embrace self care beauty routines, mindful eating habits and other essential habits? How can we ensure that we are living mindfully, staying calm and remaining present in the midst of modern life? Read on to discover our tips, along with 7 ways that you can help make your mornings calm peaceful and productive.

How to be more mindful

It’s all very well saying we need to adopt more mindful practises and to ‘live in the moment’ when we’re surrounded by distractions left, right and centre. In this digital age it’s more difficult than ever to truly ‘unplug’- so here are our top three tips for tweaking your routine now:

  1. Focus on one thing at a time. When you start to really concentrate on the task in hand- no matter what it is that you’re doing, from housework to meditation!- you’ll find you’re much more able to truly focus and ‘be in the moment’. Try it- you won’t believe the difference it makes.
  2. Slow the pace. Again, whatever you’re doing- slow down! When you take the time to reflect on your every action you become super aware of what you’re doing and why. Slowing the pace is a fantastic way to ground yourself and become at one with self care routines and mindfulness practises. This is a great one if your goal is to adopt mindful eating habits too.
  3. Go screen-free. As much as you can. Have regular screen-free time and suddenly your world will open up even more. We promise!

Start your day right

So we promised you seven tips to start your day right, and we’re not going to leave you hanging any longer! Here are our tried and tested mindfulness practises we swear by to get each and every day started the right way!

  1. Get your bedtime routine on point. A good morning will only follow a good night, so make sure you’re sleeping well and for long enough too. Good sleep forms the foundation of all good self care routines.
  2. No phones for the first hour of the day. This might sound hard, but once you get a good morning routine going you’ll see how affective it can be for clearing the mind and preparing the soul for the day ahead.
  3. Take some time to acknowledge things you’re grateful for. You might want to write these down in a journal, or simply say them out loud. Research has proven that over time, when we express gratitude we’re able to actively improve our mental wellbeing.
  4. Create a loving and sustainable skincare routine. Start your day with a shower, using your favourite soaps and shampoos. Self care beauty routines are amazing for showing your body appreciation and love.
  5. Take time for breakfast. Even if you struggle to find an appetite first thing in the morning, you can still take the time to enjoy a drink before the day begins. Taking the time to do this slowly really helps to consolidate mindful eating practises and aids digestion too.
  6. Breathe. Before you open your daily diary, take a moment to just breathe. Prepare yourself mentally for the day ahead.
  7. Move. It can be a simple set of stretches, some light yoga or a full on power run. Whatever you choose to do, whatever fits in with your self care routine. Moving your body once more shows how much you love and appreciate it and will get you ready for anything the day brings.