Naked Label Problems Down Under! We’re Quarantined!

Mum had sent lots of soaps as early Christmas presents to friends and family over in Australia to give them a flavour what we were upto…. we’d thought it odd her brother – a wordsmith and wonderful communicator not to have been in touch with a detailed critique on them. Then today, this email and attachments arrived!!!

…..I had no idea that this was going to lead to my possible arrest & incarceration. Today I received the following parcel:

……containing the following documents:


…..I’m hoping if I can use the soap before they come to arrest me so at least I’ll smell nice when I go to prison.

I must say the soap does smell really nice but I’m afraid the wrapper might get me into big trouble (!).

I’ve decided to put the wrappers aside for destruction by the Quarantine Department – hopefully they’ll leave the soap alone….have to go now….. I think they’re surrounding the house…..I’ll just have to come clean………!!!

So – we knew not to send any animal product soap over (Goats Milk and Jojoba is a no no as is honey) but the labels….. we need to rethink the labels. Someone must have opened the box and perhaps been on a very quiet shift to read the small print and see the wrap was made from Elliepooh!!!!!!