National Love Your Pets Day: Pamper Your Pooch!

National Love Your Pets Day: Pamper your Pooch!

National Love Your Pets Day: Pamper Your Pooch!

Regular readers and loyal customers will know only too well just how much we love our office dogs here at Little Soap- and, indeed, all our furry four-legged friends! And so, it will come as no surprise to find out that we’ll definitely be celebrating National Love Your Pets Day on the 20th! So what’s all about, and how can we show our pets just how much we love them? Read on to find out!

National Love Your Pets Day

As awareness days go, this is a good one. Falling each year on the 20th February, its a chance for animal lovers to show their appreciation (and devotion!) to their beloved pets- and I mean, what’s not to love about that? Not that we need an excuse to lavish our pets with love, affection and treats, but you know- it’s good to have a valid reason now and then! So how are we getting on board here at Little Soap, and how can you do the same?

Shower your pets in love

And by shower your pets in love, what we really mean is: keep doing what you’re doing. Because we know that you already adore your pet, and you already show them lots of affection and love on a daily basis. So keep it up! Maintaining a good grooming routine is just part and parcel of being a good pet owner- so yes, spend a little extra time on National Love Your Pets Day, but really it should just be another day in the life if your routine is already solid. And the leads us nicely on to our top three tips…

Grooming your dog with the Little Beast Range

Pamper days aren’t just for us humans, after all! We created our Little Beast Range not only because we wanted to show our dogs the same level of TLC that we show ourselves, but because there just wasn’t anything out there that we were really happy to use on our precious pals. We didn’t want nasty chemicals or additives that could irritate or upset. We wanted natural ingredients that would nourish, protect and indulge. We wanted to show our pets we love them, every single day!

National Love Your Pets Day: Pamper Your Pooch!

So this National Love Your Pets Day, have a pamper day for your pooch. Here are our three top tips:

  1. Brush before you bathe. Brushing really is key when it comes to keeping your dog’s coat nice and clean, and should never be skipped when it comes to bathtime. Always spend a little time each day, if you can, brushing your dog so that when it comes to the pre-bath brush, it won’t come as a surprise.
  2. Never scrimp on the quality of products you use to clean your dog. This is a golden rule! Use our gorgeous organic pet shampoo bar or our organic pet shampoo liquid for a thorough yet gentle clean. We use only the finest natural ingredients, and we fragrance with pure lavender essential oil. Both are made using apricot kernel oil to help moisturise and condition your dog’s coat- keeping them gleaming all year round!
  3. Maintain a regular routine around bathtime. You don’t need to bathe your dog as often as you bathe yourself, but you do need to keep up a regular routine. Both our bar and liquid shampoos can be used for in-between washes, and we also recommend our organic pet spritz for a little extra in-between TLC too. Made using the same natural ingredients, with apricot kernel oil and fragranced with lavender essential oil, this can be sprayed directly on to your pet to keep them in tip-top condition, but it can also be used on their bedding too. This helps to keep everything fresh, clean and smelling gorgeous!

Let us know how you plan on pampering your pooch on National Love Your Pets Day this year!