Nourish Your Skin with Shea Butter

Nourish your skin with shea

We’ve already written about the amazing benefits of implementing Shea Butter into your daily skincare routine, so this time we felt it only right to expand on that a little. Shea butter is simply so wonderful for your skin that we’d harp on about it all day if we could! Instead, we’ve condensed our thoughts into this post- please do read, share and indulge! This is why you should nourish your skin with shea butter…

Shea Butter offers more for your skin

Shea Butter is naturally very thick and has a solid consistency at room temperature. Various studies have found that it’s extremely efficient at penetrating the skin, making it an excellent choice for hydration- especially if your skin is dry or prone to eczema or other skin conditions. But did you know that shea butter actually delivers more than just moisture to your skin?

Shea Butter is also naturally anti-inflammatory, using cinnamic acid to help the skin heal and repair when it needs to. This makes shea butter an excellent choice for nourishing the skin after a tattoo for example, and for those who suffer from sore, dry skin conditions. Use after sun exposure and revel in the essential fatty acids it delivers to the skin to aid in collagen production too.

Shea Butter will help to soothe and restore calm to your skin when it needs it most- a real all-rounder!

Shea Butter is great for the whole family

Nourish your skin with shea

Thanks to it’s high levels of botanical Vitamins A and E, both of which have healing properties, shea butter is also very gentle on tender skin. So our organic liquid hand soap with shea can be used with the very smallest members of your family- reassuring to know, huh?

We love the fact that even babies can use shea butter regularly. Say goodbye to over-stuffed bathroom cabinets and travel bags with ‘baby friendly’ lotions and potions (packaged up in unnecessary plastic bottles and tubs)- and say hello to one neat little soap bar that the whole family can use instead.

Travel friendly, economic and eco-friendly for the whole family.

Shea butter is kind enough to use on the face

We’ve written about the reasons why it’s honestly ok to use bar soap as part of your daily facial cleansing routine (see this post for more information)- and we just couldn’t not mention how amazing shea butter can be for the face. It’s deeply hydrating (emollient properties means that it actually creates a barrier under the skin to seal in the moisture, prolonging the softening effects), soothing and restorative for irritated and dry/ sore skin, and it’s gentle too.

Studies have found that shea butter can actually improve your skin with regular use, and the ways that it does this are pretty amazing. Firstly, it’s thought that shea butter has antibacterial properties, and this can be a major player in the treatment of conditions such as acne. In addition, shea butter also has a unique way of locking moisture in when it’s applied to the skin and it’s combination of essential fatty acids means that it can aid in restoring the skin’s natural balance of oils. Overall, this means that those with oily, acne prone skin are likely to see benefits when using shea butter.

All of this combined means that it’s an excellent choice for your facial skincare routine.

Let’s talk ageing…

It’s a fact of life that we all get old, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to do all that we can to slow that process as far as our skin is concerned! We already know that shea butter is deeply moisturising and that it can help to restore and soothe dry skin, whilst also restoring the balance of oily skin… so let’s go back to essential fatty acids found in shea butter for a moment, shall we?

Nourish your skin with shea

Shea butter contains the naturally occurring chemical compounds, Triterpenes. These compounds have a really important job. They work to deactivate collagen fibre destruction and it’s thought that they are able to reduce the appearance of fine lines, instead promoting younger looking, plump skin. Not only this, but shea butter’s hydrating and antioxidant properties combine to promote the production of healthy new skin cells too. When the skin is correctly balanced, the production of those healthy skin cells is able to thrive, and the results will be visible to all.

So, in conclusion, use our organic shea butter bar soap on your face too- your skin will thank you for it!