Our Favourite B-Corp Brands

Our Favourite B-Corp Brands_ LittleSoapCompany.co.ukRegular readers will know that late last year, Little Soap was officially B-Corp certified- and I have to admit, we’re still pretty excited about it! Being a B-Corp brand means so much to us. Its more than a recognition of our hard work and dedication towards balancing profit and purpose. It’s about being part (a forceful part!) of a movement that is striving to drive more and more businesses to use their power for good. It’s an amazing community to be a part of, and that’s why we wanted to share some of our favourite B-Corp brands with you this week. Please support these brands if you can; as a consumer, you too have the power to drive good in this world.

Cheeky Panda

Our lovely friends at Cheeky Panda are right to be very proud of their achievements and we just love them for it too. They’re Vegan Certified, officially Cruelty-Free, FSC approved and all products are dermatologically tested too. We’re talking toilet paper, yes, but Our Favourite B-Corp Brands_LittleSoapcompany.co.ukwe’re also talking about a life essential too- so why not make a responsible choice each time you go to the loo?

Cheeky Panda was founded by Chris and Julie, who have a simple mission to make household, baby and beauty products that are kind to you and to the planet. They want to bring sustainability to the mass market and are always working to fulfil three core goals:

Inspire- inspiring a fun, environmentally conscious and healthy lifestyle

Innovate- creating a sustainable world for future generations through innovative products

Impact- enriching people and our planet without exploiting the environment

Cheeky Panda is a subscription service with a conscience. They encourage you to buy in bulk for less deliveries and they offer free delivery plus discounts for each subscription you order. We love this idea! Choose from toilet paper, kitchen roll, bio-degradable baby wipes, tissue cubes and nappies. All products are made using naturally sustainable bamboo and for every pack sold Cheeky Panda donate to charities through their Earth, Ocean and People initiative. Find out more about the Panda club here.

Wilton London

Our Favourite B-Corp Brands_LittleSoapcompany.co.ukBotanical home care never looked as good as this! Wilton London are an amazing brand producing cleaning products that not only
smell amazing and work brilliantly, but that turn their back on nasty chemicals and use only plant-derived ingredients instead. Wilton London are on a mission to create kinder products that smell great- and we think they’re nailing it. Vegan society registered to meet the strict standards that ensure no animal ingredients in any products, no GMO and no testing on animals? Check. All products made in Britain, helping to create jobs and cut carbon emissions? Check. Producing cleaning products with a clean conscience- that actually work? Check, check, check.

That’s why our formulas are designed to be kind to the environment. We’re always looking at ways to reduce the impact our products have on our planet. That’s why we’re using recycled and recyclable plastic in our bottles, all our formulas are biodegradable, we don’t test on animals, we’re registered with the Vegan Society and we don’t use unnecessary ingredients like synthetic dyes. We will continue to innovate with our formulas and packaging to continually reduce
their impact on the environment and increasing our use of recycled materials to divert more waste away from landfills.

Check out the full range of Wilton London cleaning products here.

Dr. WillsOur Favourite B-Corp Brands_LittleSoapcompany.co.uk

Something a little different for you: Dr. Wills produce some of the best-tasting condiments we have honestly ever tried here at Little
Soap! The brand was created by Dr. Will, a real-life doctor who wanted to change the way that parents felt forced to cover their kids’ food in ketchup to get them to eat it. He knew that sugary sauces were no good, but he also knew that there wasn’t much else out there to tempt the taste buds enough to make vegetables palatable to little ones.

We needed condiments that could stand up proudly on the shelf, shouting loud about all of their natural ingredients. A solution where condiments didn’t sit heavy on the conscience and could be added with abandon. Dr. Will’s all natural condiments was created.

Dr. Wills creates sauces, mayos and dressings that contain only natural ingredients and that- most importantly- taste amazing. From classic ketchup to spicy sriracha from vegan mayo to the most divine miso tahini dressing- its safe to say we’re obsessed! All sauces are sweetened with apples and dates, so if you’re a parent looking for a kinder alternative to shop-bought ketchup, then look no further. Browse the range here.

One Water

Our Favourite B-Corp Brands_LittleSoapcompany.co.ukOne Water are an ethical, life-changing brand that pulls no punches when it comes to stating their mission: to end water poverty. Launched back in 2005, the brand aimed to simply sell bottled water in the UK so that it could help to fund water projects across the world. Today, every One funds clean water projects in areas that need it most and has raised over £20 million- changing the lives of over 3.6 million people. “The name One represents the idea that you can’t change a billion people’s lives, but if you can change just One that’s a definition of success.” (One Water).

The One Water range features still and sparkling bottled water, flavoured water and gin. Yes, gin! One Gin is vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and certified kosher- what are you waiting for?

The One Foundation works in both rural and urban environments and helps to provide clean water and sanitation for all. You can make a donation here.

Have you got a favourite B-Corp brand? Please share in the comments!