Our Favourite Eco Friendly, Inclusive Health & Beauty Brands

We’re rounding off our focus on men’s health and beauty this week, with a bit of a roundup to help you out if you’ve started researching other like-minded brands to add to your favourites list. It isn’t always easy deciphering which brands are truly worth investing your time and money into- and we know lots of you are super busy! So without further ado, here are our favourite eco friendly, inclusive health and beauty brands right now.

Neighbourhood Botanicals

Our first brand really does have a little bit of everything- a one-stop shop for anyone looking to build an eco friendly skincare regime. Founded by Micalea Nisbet, Neighbourhood Botanicals is proudly ‘formula-led’- using only tried and tested formulas that actually work, and that are 100% unique. No copy-cat formulas, no gimmicks and no repackaging of other products you might find on the market. We just love the no-nonsense, ‘does what it says on the tin’ approach- and we think you will too!

Neighbourhood Botanicals use mostly cold-pressed and raw pant oils so that you get a high concentration of nutrients- and your skin will thank you for it! We particularly love the Simmer Down Serum, which was specially formulated to calm ‘angry’ skin and to bring balance whilst tackling blemishes- great to use post shaving, we think. We also love the Big Strong Man Moisture Men’s Facial Oil, which uses rosehip oil to even the skin tone, and jojoba oil to hydrate. Another one that’s just perfect to use post shave.

Eco credentials: all packaging is recyclable with aims to decrease plastic usage overall- the plastic that is used by Neighbourhood Botanicals is 100% post-consumer recycled. The brand is working towards a zero-waste refill scheme, so if you buy from them make sure you keep your empty bottles. Neighbourhood Botanicals also use compostable and/ or recyclable packaging and carbon-neutral couriers, plus the entire range is vegan, cruelty free and made using only natural ingredients.


Created by founder Ning Li, Typology is an amazing skincare brand determined to help consumers turn their back on “exaggerated promises and suspect chemicals”- and instead opt for simplicity and transparency. The brand is online only, selling direct to consumer so that it can deliver great products without a hefty price tag- and let us just say, we absolutely LOVE this approach!

Typology’s formulations are simple- “Our philosophy is not to add anything to our products to make them stand out; instead we pare them back and distil each formula down to the most-essential, natural active ingredients.”- and 100% French, with promises to only source ingredients from sustainable farms, using gentle extraction techniques. We’re more than a little in love with their eye cream for dark circles and puffiness, not to mention the simply perfect antioxidant face moisturiser 5% vitamin c and lemon water. This one is just brilliant for tackling a dull complexion and fighting free radicals!

Eco credentials: On a mission to leave ‘no trace’ in the environment, Typology uses recyclable materials and sustainable transport. They are constantly looking for plastic alternatives, favouring glass for smaller bottles where they can. Tubes are made from aluminium because it’s light and durable- and because it can be recycled repeatedly without losing its quality. Like Little Soap, Typology is a B Corp brand too.

Triumph and Disaster

Dion Nash founded Triumph and Disaster with one clear aim in mind: “to respect nature, utilise science,  create products of ritual and tools for preparation – so we can treat Triumph & Disaster, those two imposters just the same.” and with a promise to use the “best of science combined with the best of nature to produce naturally derived but scientifically engineered products that work”. This is one brand you really need on your radar, people!

Triumph and Disaster’s range has got it all covered. The Face range tackles cleanse, moisture, shave and protect; the Hair range takes on wash & treat and style; Body range has cleans, hydrate and deodorant while finally the Paraphanelia range covers the tools you need to bring it all to life. We’re huge fans of the Rock & Roll face scrub and the Darkmoon Hydrating Cream – both must-haves for every day use in our opinion.

Eco credentials: Triumph and Disaster’s sustainability roadmap sets out the brand’s commitments as: no testing on animals, 100% RSPO, reusing and recycling, sign only safe ingredients and dedication towards community engagement and coaching. You can read the whole thing here.