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For those who are contemplating turning their new skills from a useful and fun hobby into a business opportunity we offer an extra business module to get you started too…

When I started Little I was on my own… and pined for someone at the end of the phone to answer my list of questions!

With a background in Business and Enterprise and having done it all and with students from our courses often calling for information it made sense to put this pack together for those amongst you who have got the soap or cream making bug and are contemplating turning your new found skills into a business opportunity….

Our Business Module is sent out as an e-pack. Our check list and hand out is in excess of 22 pages (and growing) and contains information on:-

* Good Manufacturing Practice

* Compiling a Product Information File

* International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients

* Calculating Allergens for label listing

* Insurance

* Safety Assessment (incl latest changes)

* Check list of who you have to tell when you start manufacturing

* A comprehensive list of suppliers and raw ingredients sources and much much more….

If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us: 01386 853 025

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Selling cosmetics in the EU involved a lot of hoop jumping and red tape…. but it is do-able! Here at Little we managed it and recommend it to anyone – it’s a fabulous way of life and something we are happy to share – it’s not a secret…! However, we wish we’d have had a course like this when we set up – it can be difficult to find your way through the maze of legal jargon, red tape, safety assessments, stability, EU regulations and confusion that surrounds the subject.

Maybe you are thinking about creating a new business making soap, creams or lotions to maybe sell in local shops, at craft fairs, Farmers Markets or over the internet? Or perhaps you are a therapist wanting to make bespoke soap to your own recipes to suit individual clients skin and needs? Thing is, homemade soap is fine to give away as gifts but as soon as you want to exchange it for money the law kicks in and many new soap makers become confused about the legalities of soap making and indeed many of the queries on soap-related Internet chat rooms revolve around soap making legislation and how to have soap certified as safe for sale to the public by a cosmetic chemist or toxicologist.

This course will literally save you hours – nay days – of laborious personal research. This information, and much more is included in this course, we also provide you with links to information on the legislation on Government websites so that you can keep track of changes and updates.

You will gain a list of all the people you need to speak to in order to put things in place to be able to sell your product fully compliant with the current European Union regulations regarding the sale of toiletries – a complete guide to establishing your own business whether you are interested in a part time income, a career change or for personal interest as a hobby this course will prove invaluable… We include detailed explanations of these regulations and it is vitally important to be aware of the laws governing soap making because they set very important safety standards and many soap makers are unaware that this legislation is on place.