Petite and Powerful with Wallis

Petite and Powerful with a little different for you today! Here at Little Soap HQ we’re keen to help you live the best life that you can. We want to help you make the most of your mind, body and soul- by feeding it with the best products, nurturing your mind and your body with only the most natural and loving ingredients possible. And why do we care? Because we want to show you that youĀ canĀ  be beautiful inside and out. In a world that is so preoccupied with how we look, we want to remind everyone that what’s inside matters too! And we’re all different. We’re all unique. Myself and the lovely Kayleigh are both classed as ‘petite’ but it has to be said that our bodies are vastly different. To prove it, we joined forces with Wallis as part of their Petite and Powerful campaign.

Petite head to toe?

I’ve often wondered exactly what makes a person petite? Over the years I’ve come to realise that my body doesn’t really match up to society’s idea of petite, but nor does it measure up to regular shop sizes either. But I’m not alone! Seeing as we’re all unique individuals, there’s no way we can all fit neatly into little boxes when it comes to our body shapes. Yes, we can eat well and exercise regularly and we can change our shapes to a certain extent, but mostly we have to work with whatever Mother Nature has given us.

Wallis showed Kayleigh and I how to dress our petite shapes, using a really simple sizing guide. Many women in the UK are petite, but find that lots of clothes in the petite sections of high street shops just don’t fit right. So what’s that all about? Well maybe, more of us are petite on top and not on bottom? Or vice versa? To find out, we were asked to answer a few questions…

Turns out I’m petite on top and not on bottom! Which would explain why the petite section in most shops tends to be a little frustrating.

Petite and Powerful with don’t need to be 5’3

A petite woman is not always a tiny 5’3! I am petite on top. This means that I can shop in the petite section for tops and blouses, but in other sections for skirts and trousers. What a revelation! At last, clothes that actually fit! You can see my picks over on the Wallis blog here, and I have to say that they are all a glorious fit for me!

We’re so grateful to Wallis for providing us with theĀ beautiful clothes weĀ picked out as part of this campaign.